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To move your fairies around, select a fairy and then click on the item you would like her to interact with, such as clicking on a berry bush to gather food. Move fairies so they can gather resources, chant at animals or objects, or study spells.

If you don’t assign work to a fairy, they may wander around being idle, which wastes time and food resources.

As you locate different elemental artifacts in the various playing fields, new areas will be unlocked on the map screen. Find them all to restore Avalon!

Be sure to interact with everything in the land of Avalon. Many events will only be uncovered as you complete seemingly mundane interactions.


There are different types of fairies, each with their own specializations. As young fairies complete tasks, they gain experience in one of the three skill areas – collecting (red), researching (green), and chanting (blue). Once a fairy has maximized a skill area, she is promoted and transformed into a specialist.

Younglins, which are small and glowing yellow, are young fairies that are still learning. They may be trained to become specialists.

Gatherers are a deep red. These gather resources, and can clean and remove objects.

Wizards are green, and have tiny wings, and they are the scholars of the group. They have the most powerful spells on animals and mysterious objects. 

Enchanters, shown in blue, work best when performing spells learned from magic books.

In addition to fairy specialists and younglins, the Fairy Queen is a playable character in each environment. She is a specialist in all three areas, and she can fly faster too. If the Queen works on a task, it is sure to get done more quickly.


You have 3 different resources to manage in the island of Avalon — food, pollen, and potion ingredients.

You can track your resources by looking at the resource icons at the bottom of the screen. If your resources are decreasing, the corresponding icon will turn yellow. If the icon appears in red, it means you are using resources faster than you’re gathering them.

Food can be gathered by collecting berries off of berry bushes. If you run out of food, fairies will forget about other assigned tasks and focus on gathering this important resource.

Pollen is gathered so that new fairies can be created at the reproduction garden. Pollen can be gathered from blue flowers.

Potion ingredients are needed to make effective potions. Potions are made automatically, but you need to gather magical ingredients to do this. Potion ingredients are gathered from puffy white bulbs.


There are four minigames which you can play in order to improve the abilities of your fairies and the effectiveness of your stations. Once unlocked, minigames can also be played for fun in the main menu, although this won’t affect your game.

I. Potion Laboratory

This minigame is played by clicking on the laboratory. Succeeding can improve the efficiency of the potion station, giving you extra magic potions.

To play, move the flower along the bottom of the screen, trying to gather the falling ingredients. Every time an ingredient hits a red mushroom, its value increases. The appearance of the ingredient will also change, displaying red, orange, or blue dots in the center. Try to gather these more valuable ingredients in that priority.

You can left click the mouse to give a burst of air, which pushes the ingredients upward and increases the chances that they hit red mushrooms. Note, you can only release air every few seconds.

II.  Pollination

This minigame is played by clicking on the reproduction station. Succeeding allows you to earn new fairies with less pollen.

Your mouse acts as as a small fan, allowing you to direct floating pollen. You must use it to guide pollen into the center of each flower. Once pollinated, a bloom will close. You are finished when all the blooms have been pollinated.

III. Gatherer’s Training

This minigame is played by clicking on the food station.  Succeeding can improve the efficiency of food gathering, giving you extra food.

Pipes open and close according to the music. As the item moves over the pipes, you must click to deposit the resources into open pipes, using the beat of the music as a guide.

IV. Choir lessons

This minigame is played by clicking on the coral station (the station with a blue flower on top). Succeeding can result in a 60% boast for chanting/enchanting (blue) fairies. 

Bursts of light and music are shot from crystals. You need to move the flower hoop above these bursts of light, trying to center the flower the best you can so that the light passes through the center. You can use the music as a guide.


New fairies can be created once you’ve gathered 100 units of pollen. Simply go to the reproductive center, and click on the fairy-like symbol to create a new fairy. This will take a second or two.

Once a new younglin fairy is created, select it and assign it a job so that it may begin the path towards specialization. Having many fairies allows you to accomplish more in less time.


Various precious items like mushrooms, acorns, or white flowers will occasionally appear on the screen, and may be gathered to improve resources. Only the Queen can pick these up, and they will vanish if not gathered swiftly.


Fairies can cast three different chanting spells. While they can all cast these spells, the best results are achieved when a fairy casts spells in it’s own specialization. The colors will match, so gathering tasks will be shown in red, wizard tasks in green, and chanter tasks in blue.

Assigning the right fairies to the task means much less time spent on work, and also less potions needed.


The game is played in real time, which means your fairies will keep working even when you’re not playing! You can leave them along overnight, and come back to find they’ve achieved much in your absence. Despite this, it’s important to make sure they have enough food and potions to complete their work. Should they run out of food, they’ll stop all other tasks in order to make time to gather more.

To make the best use of your absence, assign fairies to gathering tasks before turning off the game, so that you will have a nice inventory of resources built up when you return.


Sometimes, you will be asked to answer questions about an event that has happened in your village. For example, a strange fruit is found in the meadow – should you eat it or study it? There are no wrong answers, but different answers will result in different penalties or special bonuses.


Use your mouse to scroll along every item in the scene, including items at the top and bottom of the screen. Anything that sparkles is an object you can interact with.

Occasionally, you will come a cross an object that can’t be manipulated until you complete another interaction. For example, you may need to learn a levitation spell before moving heavy rocks. In those cases, move on and complete other tasks until you’ve gotten further in the game.


Only the fairy Queen can recover elemental items. If you’ve discovered one, be sure to direct her to it, as this will unlock a new area for you to play.


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