Attack the Light – Steven Universe Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Attack the Light – Steven Universe is a roleplaying game from Cartoon Network. In this game, you play as Steven Universe and his guardians, the Gems, as they fight against a malevolent light-based foe. Gamezebo’s Attack the Light – Steven Universe Tips, Cheats and Strategies will give you the help you need to restore order to the universe.

Attack the Light - Steven Universe Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Master performing extra attacks – In Attack the Light – Steven Universe, the Gems will perform an extra attack on enemies when you tap the screen at the appropriate visual cue. Get this skill down-pat, as sneaking in that extra hit makes battles a lot shorter and lets the Gems slip through with less damage.
  • Not all enemy attacks can be blocked – You can also block enemy attacks by tapping the screen when you receive the right cue, and it’s also a valuable skill to lock down. Just be aware that not every attack can be blocked, and some attacks require a different mode of defense (tapping the screen repeatedly, for example)
  • Don’t be shy about using items – RPG veterans know the sting of having to use carefully-hoarded items, but it’s important not to be stingy in Attack the Light. Star Fruits are particularly important, because they can help end a fight quickly. Don’t worry – there are plenty lying around.
  • End turns early to save up star points – Unused star points carry over into your next turn. Sometimes it makes more sense to save your energy for more powerful attacks. Pearl’s normal attack takes only one star point, but it’s weak. However, she has some very useful skills that take multiple stars to execute.

Attack the Light - Steven Universe Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Look for glittering spots on the map – Occasionally you may see sparkling spots on the ground. Tap them for items.
  • Look very carefully for hidden passages – Most levels have hidden areas galore, but they can be hard to spot. Keep a very close eye for shimmering, diamond-like points of light that should direct you off the beaten path.
  • Garnet’s shield breaker is very handy – Garnet’s shield breaker is one of the most useful skills in the game. It drops an enemy’s defenses, which comes in very handy during boss fights.
  • Save your single-use buff and debuff items for boss fights – Speaking of boss battles, items that temporarily boost the Gems’ power and defense – wristbands, helmets, etc – should be saved up for boss fights.

Attack the Light - Steven Universe Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You can’t always explore the entirety of a level at once – Though you may want to 100% a level on your first playthrough, it’s not always possible. Sometimes you need to return once you’ve found a necessary key item.
  • Upgrade Steven’s encouragement skill as soon as possible  –Steven’s encouragement is another skill you’ll be using frequently, as it

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