Atomic Heart Testing Ground Guide

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Struggling with the Atomic Heart Testing Grounds? No need to worry! We’ve created an Atomic Heart Testing Ground guide, covering each Testing Ground, and detailing how you can complete them.

Atomic Heart is a brand new action RPG set in a strange world, where a fictional 1955 USSR has had an upgrade. The game focuses on the AI assistants, known as the Kollektiv. Due to a technological nightmare, the robots begin attacking Humans, and you’re tasked with stopping them.

For more information about the game, check out the official Atomic Heart website. If you’re looking for more guides, check out our Atomic Heart Enemies guide, Atomic Heart VSync guide, and our Atomic Heart weapons guide.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground

We’ll now crack on with the guide at hand. We’ll go through each Testing Ground individually, providing mini-tutorials on how to get past each one. We’ll also continue to update this guide and add more Testing Ground tutorials, so make sure to check back again soon.

Testing Ground 1

The first Testing Ground puzzle you’ll come up against. To access it, follow these steps…

  1. Go to the two-story building that’s northwest of the Monorail Station
  2. Climb to the roof
  3. Go to the camera terminal
  4. Access the safe-room nearby the terminal
  5. Use the camera, and push the button to unlock the entrance to Testing Ground 1
  6. Go to the bunker
  7. Use the lift to enter Testing Ground 1

Testing Ground 1 is completed by using the magnetic pull of the ceiling to your advantage. You can shoot magnets and zap them to the ceiling, and then again to move the metal wall.

First Puzzle Room

Follow these simple steps to complete the first puzzle room…

  1. Change the magnetic pull to co-ordinate the platforms to your advantage – use [Shok]
  2. Jump from the platforms to the 1×1 wall
  3. Change the magnetic pull to raise the wall you’re standing on until you’ve gained a bit of height
  4. Jump from the wall to the platform found on the left side of the room
  5. Jump from the new platform onto the red platform
  6. Change the magnetic pull to raise the platform – and yourself – high enough to jump over to the blue/red platform
  7. Change the magnetic pull once more to use the platform as a lift and reach the exit of the room

Travelling To The Second Puzzle Room

Follow these steps to transition from the first to the second puzzle room…

  1. Travel down the hallways until you reach the safe room
  2. Collect the reward from the safe room, and return to the hallway
  3. Go to the generator room
  4. Fight the enemies in the generator room
  5. Travel up the stairs and through the damaged wall
  6. Go past the office, remove the magnets using the magnetic pull, and enter the second puzzle room

The Second Puzzle Room

Follow these steps to complete the second puzzle room…

  1. Upon entering the room, drop down to the platform on your right
  2. Use the magnetic pull to organise the red platforms to your left
  3. Jump to the red platforms
  4. Jump down to the blue platform
  5. Change the magnetic pull to use the blue platform as a lift to raise yourself up
  6. Jump across to the blue platform ahead – you should now be in the back right of the room
  7. Lower the red platforms to reveal a lazer puzzle
  8. Complete the lazer puzzle
  9. Organise the platforms so that you can reach the right side of the chamber
  10. Climb onto the red platform of the chamber

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