Atomic Heart Enemies – Plyusch, Lab Tech, and More!


On the hunt for an Atomic Heart enemies guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains all you need to know about each enemy in the game. Whether you’re curious about their lore, or you want to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, we’re here to help!

Delve into a futuristic world in Atomic Heart. Live amongst highly intelligent robots as you traverse the streets of a city largely controlled by technology. While technological improvements may seem great at first glance, a variety of experiments and the further advancement of said technology leads to revolt and danger.

The robots are now attacking humans, and it’s up to you to defeat them. For more information about the game, visit the game’s official Steam Page.

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Atomic Heart Enemies Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Atomic Heart Enemies

Let’s take a look at all of the enemies in the game.

ARU-31/6 Rotorobot

  • Originally designed for agricultural tasks
  • Mower blades spin at 540 rpm
  • High mobility
  • Low external armor


  • Has multiple legs – high mobility
  • Used for mining
  • Uses a mechanical laser to drill holes
  • Extremely strong

HOG-7 Hedgie

  • Used for surveillance to discover rocks and plants
  • High speeds – 30mph while in “Tumbleweed Movement Mode”
  • Tucks in its paws when accelerating and moves by rolling
  • It has drills inside of its paws

LUC-1 Owl

  • Designed for livestock and argo-industrial needs
  • Small in size, not too strong, but has extremely good mobility
  • Can reach up to 75 km/h
  • They work together to lift heavy objects

MA-9 “Beylash”

  • Large in size
  • Designed for welding, installation, and plumbing purposes
  • Extremely strong and sturdy
  • Has a shell made from titanium and steel alloys
  • High mobility – can climb steep surfaces

MFU-68 Laborer

  • Designed for animal husbandry
  • Can traverse through rough environments
  • Immune to bad weather and cold temperatures
  • They can work in groups of Laborers
  • Has a sharp 40cm circular blade – cuts through trees!

MTU-7 Bumblebee

  • Aeriel robot
  • Extremely strong
  • Used in oil drilling and construction
  • Also used for emergency rescues


  • The result of a symbiosis between a human corpse and a Sprout
  • Moves on two legs or can traverse while airborne using propellers
  • Sprouts can create a variety of Mutants with a range of abilities, such as high mobility, extremely strong, and even clumsy

NA-T256 Natasha

  • Extremely strong
  • Used for repair work and is mainly found in construction sites
  • Has 24 hours of battery power
  • Some models have rocket engines – providing high mobility
  • It’s dangerous for humans without protective gear to be close to Natasha when taking off into the air


  • Endoskeleton of a bionic creature
  • Walks on two legs, but can move at high speeds on four legs
  • Transforms its paws – extends them and can jump extremely high

RAF-9 Engineer

  • Designed for repair and engineering work
  • Works in maintenance and production
  • Works with woodworking, stone-cutting, and metal-cutting
  • Used for others jobs such as a locksmith, plumber, janitor, electrician, bartender, and a waiter

VOV-A6 Lab Tech

  • Works as an assistant to scientists by carrying out experiments
  • Has a human shape
  • Excellent hand models – packed full of sensors for high precision

WSP-9 Pchela

  • Flying drone
  • Designed to repair objects and deliver cargo
  • High mobility and speed
  • Not too strong
  • Has a high-voltage probe

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