Asphalt: Street Storm Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Asphalt: Street Storm is Gameloft’s bite at the CSR cherry. It’s a game about driving in straight lines as quickly as possible, and changing gears while you’re doing it. It looks lovely, it’s a decent amount of fun, and it’s surprisingly deep once you get into the bones of the experience.

Don’t worry too much about the depth though, because that’s what we’re here to help with. In this guide we’re going to make sure you’re clued up on all the comings and goings in Street Storm before you jump in. In other words, if you want to get across the finish line first, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

As well as covering the basics and some more advanced tactics, we’re going to lay some tips and hints we’ve discovered during our time with the game. So if you want to make sure you’re burning rubber in the most effective way possible, read on. Just make sure you’ve put your seatbelt on, because things are about to get fast and furious.

The Basics

Asphalt: Street Storm Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • At the start line – There are a number of places you can win and lose the race. The first of these, as you might expect, is the start line. It’s not just about getting off when the clock hits zero, it’s about getting off before it hits zero.
  • Launch – You can launch your car before the counter runs out, so long as you’re not past the white glowing line in front of your cars before the big zero hits. You’ll also get more cash and followers if you get a perfect start.
  • Perfect shifting – The next important part of the race is the gear shifts. You’re aiming to tap to change gear when the rev counter is in the green portion. This is going to get smaller as you move up through the gears.
  • Why it matters – Similar to a perfect start, you’ll get more cash for more perfect shifts. Perhaps more important than that though, perfect shifts will see you finishing the course faster, and that’s the real aim of the game.

Advanced Tactics

Asphalt: Street Storm Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Use your nitro – You should think of your nitro not as a potential boost, but as a massively important part of your racing arsenal. Without using it it’s unlikely you’re going to get very far in the game.
  • When to use it – A well timed Nitro boost can push you into the lead, and keep you there. It’s usually best to pull the nitro after the first or second shift. It depends on how good a start you got, and how well you managed to hit your first gear change.
  • Be well ahead – You want to be at least ten points ahead of your opponent in single player. It’s fine to back out of a challenge to spend some cash on upgrades to make sure you’re going to have the best chance of winning.
  • Don’t cross the line – It’s okay to cross the start line early in single player, you’ll just need to start the challenge again. In multiplayer though you’ll forfeit the race before you’ve even started, and any bets you’ve made will be lost.

Hints and Tips

Asphalt: Street Storm Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Move in steps – You’ll want to upgrade all of your car to level 1 before upgrading any bits further. That way you’ll be balancing out the upgrades rather than focusing on just one thing. A fast car is good, but not if it’s going to have trouble gripping the track.
  • Hit the videos – As usual with free to play games, watching the videos the game offers up is a good idea. It’ll mean you’re going to earn extra currency, and you’re only losing a few seconds of your time for it.
  • Upgrade at the end – Save your upgrades for the end of your play session if you can. That way you can essentially bypass the wait-timers and you’ll have new kit waiting for you the next time you load up the game.

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