Asphalt 9: Legends — How to earn free credits and Tokens

Cars aren’t free, especially the kind of super fast rides you drive in Asphalt 9: Legends. Even though you don’t need credits (the standard currency) or Tokens (the premium currency, which means you can buy more with real money through IAPs if you want) to unlock new cars, they can help you toward that goal, and they’re essential in other ways.

Credits are needed to upgrade the parts of each car, and since every new level of upgrades costs more than the one before, you’re going to be spending a ton of credits over the course of your Asphalt 9 career. Tokens can be used to buy card packs, snipe an individual blueprint or two for rare cars from the Legend Store or refill your gas tank without waiting.

We want to help you earn more of both currencies without parting with any real world dollars, so let’s go over the ways we know for you to earn more for free.

How to get free credits in Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legends

Here’s the easiest part of hunting free credits: You get some for every race you participate in. That’s literally every race, whether it’s in Career mode, Events or Multiplayer.

However, there are better ways to run for credits than others. For example, in My Career races, there can be up to three flags up for grabs. The credit bonus is per flag, so knocking out three flags in one race will yield you almost three times as many credits as one with only a single flag.

That said, here are more ways to hunt down some free credits:

  • Check out the Daily Events tab and see what races are being offered. Events reset at midnight GMT every day, and many of them are for blueprints of some sort. However, there are a few that are run specifically for credits, and you can replay them several times to try for faster times to earn even more.
  • Look for nodes in My Career seasons that give out free credits. You’ll know them because of the yellow credits icon, and all you have to do is collect enough flags to unlock the race right before them on the season map. It’s never bad to grab a five-digit amount of credits for nothing.
  • But more credits with Tokens. This isn’t the preferred way to up your credit balance, because there are better things on which to spend your hard-earned Tokens. But it is a possibility of you have no other options; just tap on the Shop button or your credit balance and it will take you right to where you need to go.

How to get free tokens in Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legends

We’ve talked credits, but what about Tokens? These blue coins can be used to buy a number of nifty things, but are particularly helpful for buying card packs with rare blueprints.

Here’s how to get more without spending a dime:

  • Play more Multiplayer races. The higher your rank at the end of a multiplayer season, the more Tokens you’ll receive. Pretty simple.
  • Work on completing Missions. Asphalt 9 tracks a wide variety of cumulative goals through Missions for things like pulling off stunts, drifting, knocking down opponents and simply entering races and capturing wins. Missions pay out Tokens every time you hit the next tier in each one.
  • Join a Club and assist in hitting milestones. If you join a Club, you’ll be able to lend your reputation points toward hitting Club milestones. While there are a range of rewards for each milestone (including credits), Tokens are a big one, and you can find yourself with some sweet Token totals just by pulling your weight as part of an active Club.
  • Do the same things you do hunting credits. Yep, there are My Career nodes and Daily Events to get yourself Tokens too.

If you’re enjoying Asphalt 9: Legends so far, be sure to check out our complete car list to see all the awesome cars you can get while playing.

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