Asphalt 9: How to Get Any Car to Its Maximum Rank

Though it relies on a heavy dose of gacha/luck to get the exact cars you want, Asphalt 9: Legends utilizes a very straightforward system when it comes to unlocking new vehicles and making them faster. Collect enough blueprints and you can unlock any car, and once it’s in your garage, you can spend the credits you win racing to beef up their top speed, acceleration, handling and nitro. It’s not hard at all to understand the basics.

What might be confusing if you’re new to the game is how to get each car to its very maximum rank, as fast as it can possibly be. This is an important concept because many cars, especially the ones in the 5- or 6-star rarities, can get much, much better than when you originally get them and even outrun cars from the next class up.

If only there was some information in one article to explain exactly how to get any car to its maximum rank in Asphalt 9 … oh wait, that’s exactly what we’re doing here! It’s essentially a three-step process, though the better the car, the more time and effort you’ll have to put into each step. Let’s begin with the most intuitive one.

Keep Collecting Blueprints to Increase A Car’s Stars

The class of a vehicle can tell you at a quick glance how it might stack up against other cars, but the number of stars a car has is an indicator of its rarity and how much potential it has to become way better than its starting stats. Every car has at least three stars, but some have as many as six.

Put simply, all that unlocking a car does is activate its first star. You’ve got to keep earning blueprints to unlock the others, and every time you do, you’ll raise the car’s maximum rank even higher. When you’ve unlocked every star, that’s when you’ll see the highest potential rank it can have.

Obviously, what you need to do to obtain the full star ratings differs from car to car. However, if we could give some blanket advice, it would be to play as many events as possible, because they tend to be the best way to win blueprints in the entire game, except for the handful of cars whose blueprints are included in the career mode seasons.

Spend Credits to Max Out All Four Stats

Asphalt 9

This might seem obvious, but it’s really an ongoing process since every time you increase a car’s star rating, you’ll be able to buy a few more upgrades for each of its four stats. That makes maxing them out an ever moving bar until you unlock the final star.

Because every upgrade costs more credits, this can also be quite expensive for the rarest vehicles. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to get around to it eventually to hit a car’s maximum rank.

And yet even that’s not quite enough.

Fit the Maximum Number of Import Parts in All Four Slots

Asphalt 9

This might be the one thing you’re missing. Every car in Asphalt 9 can be fitted with import parts that help bump speed, acceleration, handling or nitro up a few points higher than they would be able to achieve without them. Parts can be won a variety of different ways, typically from reward packs in events or multiplayer seasons or from packs opened in the store. Some import parts, even the rarest vehicle-specific ones, can also be earned in career mode.

It’s crucial to add as many import parts as it takes to max out a slot, and remember that it costs credits every time you fit one of them.

Follow that general game plan and you’ll be able to completely max out any car in Asphalt 9, which should be your ultimate goal for every ride in your garage. And if you found this guide useful, you’ll want to check out our tips on using Touchdrive and unlocking every Class-S car.

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