Artist Colony Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Artist Colony


  • General Tips
  • Game Objectives
  • Achievements

General Tips

  • Inspiration- Any artist will become inspired when their inspiration meter reaches 95% or more. An artist cannot work on a masterpiece unless they are inspired. Artists may become inspired by watching a crush (if they’re in love), looking at monuments, flowers, water, or looking at the masterpieces of other artists. Take note, looking at nature will only inspire them up to 80%.
  • Falling in Love- Artists become more inspired and create more valuable masterpieces when they are in love or have a broken heart. Artists may at some point think about another member of the colony: drag them near that person for them to either fall in love or have a broken heart. Note this is not a permanent event and any artist can fall in love or have their heart broken any number of times.
  • Aspirations- With each artist, you can set a certain aspiration: to pursue art, to take it easy, or to clean up around the colony. Note if your artist isn’t on the take it easy setting, you may have to manually make them sleep or eat.
  • Sleeping and Resting- Artists need energy to do things. When performing cleaning tasks, artists will only comply until they reach 20% on their energy meter. Have them sit on a bench, go fishing, or lie down in one of the rest areas to regain energy: rest areas will allow them to regain energy fastest. If an artist reaches 0%, you’ll have to drag them into the Residents Hall to sleep. They will not come back out until they are 100% and in the meantime you cannot control them. Artists can reach 0% when training especially.
  • Eating- Artists will eventually get hungry. When a fork and knife icon appears by their head, drag them to the Kitchen so they can prepare a meal and eat. Artists work better when they’re not hungry.
  • Depression- Some artists may become depressed. You will need to inspire them to cheer them back up. If they are in love, drag them over to their crush to cheer them up. If an artist becomes too depressed, they will leave the colony. If there is another icon besides depression (hunger or sleep), address that first, and that will likely cheer them up.
  • Managing Lots of Artists- When your colony becomes larger, it can be hard to keep tabs on all the artists and you may very likely lose a few. To manage them more effectively, you can check on the left side menu to see which are hungry, sleepy, or depressed. As long as you address these things, no artists will leave the colony.
  • Training- Each artist has a main and secondary field of talent. You can train them 10 times in each (viewable on a bar next to the professions icon). When starting the game, you will only be able to train them up to three until you upgrade your studios: 2nd upgrade, 7, and final upgrade, fully.
  • Earning Money- You will earn a little money each time a new month/season begins. However, the best way to earn money is by selling masterpieces. Buyers will come into the colony and make an offer. However, it’s key you don’t sell too low! You can refuse a buyer, and eventually another will come along and make a higher offer on the same piece. Try to never sell anything below 85% of the asking price (in grey above the offer).
  • Expanding the Colony- With the start of each new season as the game progresses, a new artist or artists will join your colony. Artists that left before will return, but will have lost all their training and masterpiece stats. You can have a maximum of 25 artists in your colony.
  • Keeping the Colony Clean- A clean colony means happier artists. Try assigning your highest ranking or completely trained artists to cleaning duty so the others can enjoy the colony and train.
  • When an Artist has reached Level 10- Artists that have full ranks on masterpieces and have had all their training can still create more masterpieces: which means higher profits. Use this to your advantage when you’re in need of money.
  • If Your Artist in Inspired but won’t Create- Sometimes you may have inspired artists, but when you drag them to their area of performance, they won’t do anything: this is not a glitch. Usually this means you have to either wait for a new month to start, or you need to sell more masterpieces. The key is patience: eventually they’ll be allowed to create again.
  • Purchasing Upgrades- Keep in mind which upgrades are available and what is needed the most: for some, you will have to meet a requirement before you can purchase it. Some upgrades and restorations require multiple artists to work at once.

Game Objectives:

Objective: Enter the Colony

You’ll need to clear the debris blocking the path in order to enter the colony. Drag each of the artists onto/over the debris to have them work on clearing it. Once one is done, you can move them to another pile. Once the debris blocking the main path is clear, you can proceed into the colony.

Objective: Train Your Painter to Level 1

Drag your painter, Ben, into the art studio with the easel to have him paint and increase his skill level. Meanwhile as he paints, you can make Dylan do other things, such as…

Objective: Unblock the Music Studio

While Ben paints, this is a good time to drag Dylan to the debris in front of the Music Studio so he can work on clearing it while Ben works on his painting skills.

Objective: Collect the Photos

  • There’s a piece of photo beneath some debris. Drag one of the artists over it to have them clean it. Once the photo is exposed, drag them over it again to have them collect it.
  • There are three other photos hidden around the Artist Colony. One is near the Music Studio and the other two are near the Archway. You will need all four to restore the Archway.
  • During this time, Ben may become inspired. Drag him over to the magical flower to inspire him. At 95%, any artist will become inspired and a lightbulb icon appear over their head. Drag Ben to the easel to paint.

Objective: Restore the Archway

  • Once you’ve recovered all the photos, access the Upgrade/Restore menu at the bottom right of your screen. You’ll need to pay $1,200 before you can upgrade the Archway.
  • Money for upgrading and restoring can be earned by artists selling their works: in this instance, you’ll probably earn the money by having Ben sell his first masterpiece.
  • Once paid for, drag either Ben or Dylan onto the Archway to have them fix it. It’s a good idea to have one rest while the other works so you can have them switch off in shifts.

Objective: Sell 3 Masterpieces

  • The key to selling masterpieces is improving the artist’s skills and keeping them inspired. Things such as flowers may inspire an artist, but only up to 80%. You’ll nee to drag them over to a Magical Flower to get them up to their inspiration of 95%.
  • Artists (Ben in this instance) can only create one masterpiece per skill level. Drag Ben into the Art Studio to have him improve his painting skill level (appears as a white dot on his menu). Once his skill level is improved, inspire him, and once he’s inspired, drag him over to the easel to the left of the Art Studio to have him create a masterpiece. Repeat the process 3 times to get the achievement.

Objective: Restore the Dance and Sculpting Studios

  • Once you’ve repaired the Archway, two new artists will arrive: Amala, a sculptor, and Simone, who’s a dancer.
  • Drag Amala over to the Sculpting Studio and Simone over to the Dancing Studio to have them clear the debris and repair their respective areas. If either one gets tired, have them rest and Ben or Dylan can take over. Now’s also not a bad time to skill-level-up Dylan and Ben.
  • At some point, your residents may become hungry. Drag them to the kitchen to cook and eat. It will also keep them more inspired and willing to work.
  • If a resident thinks about another resident, they can start a relationship or possibly fall in love, which will improve their art. Drag them next to the resident they’re thinking of to see if the feeling is mutual.

Objective: Restore all Colony Landmarks

This is an objective that you’ll work towards until you’ve finished the game’s storyline. The colony landmarks are:

  • Residence Hall (x2)
  • Archway
  • Stage
  • Gallery
  • Main Fountain
  • Central Statue

As the storyline progresses, you’ll be able to purchase and work towards all these restorations.

Objective: Train Simone up to Level 3 in Dancing

  • Make sure the Dance Studio is restored/cleared first. Though the game suggests it, anyone can work on it, not just Simone.
  • Drag Simone over one of the dance mats to have her train. Keep an eye on her energy level and if it gets down to 10, have her rest outside until she’s back up to 100 to train some more. If she gets hungry, make sure you drag her to the kitchen and then back once she’s done eating.
  • Simone can train up to Level 3 without having performed on any masterpieces

Objective: Train Dylan up to Level 3 in Music

  • Drag Dylan into the Music Studio to have him train: he can train up to level 3 without working on any masterpieces.
  • Keep an eye on his energy level: if it gets too low, have him rest outside and once he’s well rested, have him train some more. Also be sure to feed him if he gets hungry.

Objective: Restore the Stage

  • Clear the Stage of all debris first
  • You will have to purchase the stage restoration packet ($4,000)
  • You will need a level 3 Musician (Dylan) before you can purchase this
  • Have Level 3 Dylan and Simone (Musician and Dancer) work on it at the same time to restore it once costs have been paid.

Objective: Restore the Pier for Fishing

  • Clear the debris to the north and on the northern shore to restore the pier. Anyone can clear the debris and you don’t have to pay restoration costs for the pier. Once it’s complete, residents can fish there to relax.

Objective: Restore the Residence Hall for 15 Residents

  • You will need to have recovered the two photo pieces first (likely found when clearing the sculpting and dance studios)

  • You will have to pay a restoration cost of $9,000
  • Have any two artists work on it at the same time to upgrade it.

Objective: Restore the Mural on the Mountain

  • All debris must be cleared before you can work on restoring the mural
  • Have a Level 4 sculptor (Amala) work on the mountain face until it’s smoothed
  • Have a Level 4 painter (Ben) work on the mountain face until it’s restored.
  • Once finished, artists can look at the mural to become inspired up to 100%

Objective: Upgrade the Sculpting Studio to Train to Level 7

  • You will need two artists trained up to Level 3 in sculpting before you can purchase this upgrade (Amala and Jack)
  • The upgrade will cost $15,000 (once requirements are met)
  • You will have to wait until the orange meter is empty before you can train artists up to Level 7 at the studio

Objective: Train a Sculptor to Level 4

  • Your best candidate for this is Amala (or Jack)
  • You will need to upgrade the sculpting studio before you can do this

Objective: Upgrade the Painting Studio to Train to Level 7

  • No pre-requisites are necessary. The upgrade costs $15,000

Objective: Train a Painter to Level 4

  • Your best candidate is Ben (or Dylan)
  • You will first need to upgrade the Painting Studio

Objective: Upgrade all Studios to Train to Level 7

  • Each studio upgrade costs $15,000
  • The Dance and Sculpting Studios require you to have two Level 3 artists in each before you can purchase the upgrade
  • Create and sell masterpieces (at no lower than 85% of the value) to earn money for upgrades
  • You will not be able to train past Level 3 once you’ve purchased the upgrade until the orange meter above the studio is empty, indicating the studio upgrade is done.

Objective: Restore the Main Fountain

  • First you will need to find the photos that show what the fountain is supposed to look like. They are scattered throughout the colony (most likely in winter, with the exception of the one near the music studio which can be found in spring or summer).

  • Restoration costs (once you find all the photos) are $40,000
  • Once the costs are paid, you will need to place a Level 8 sculptor on the fountain to restore it. Your best artist for this is likely Amala.
  • Completing the fountain will boost the colony rating and provide additional inspiration for your artists

Objective: Upgrade the Sculpting Studio to Train to Level 10

  • First raise three artists up to Level 6 or more in sculpting (they will need to have sculpting in their profession)
  • Restoration cost is $50,000

Objective: Train a Sculptor to Level 8

  • Amala is your best candidate
  • You will need to upgrade the sculpting studio before she can reach Level 8
  • You will need her to be Level 8 or higher to restore the Main Fountain

Objective: Upgrade All Studios to Train to Level 10

  • You will need to raise three artists up to Level 6 in each respective area before you can upgrade the studio
  • Studio upgrades cost $50,000 each

Objective: Have Your Artists Fish for the Statue Piece

  • Once you have seen the cutscene with the statue in the middle of the colony, you will be able to do this
  • Have any or numerous artists fish at the pier, and eventually you will find one of the pieces of the Central Statue

Objective: Earn $250,000 on your Account

  • This is best done between or after all studio upgrades
  • Sell masterpieces to acquire this money: the higher the level, the higher the value
  • Level 10 artists can make more than one Level 10 masterpiece
  • Masterpieces have more value if done when a resident is in love or broken-hearted

Objective: Train a Musician to Level 10

  • Your best candidate for this is probably Dylan
  • Remember this is just train, not masterpiece (yet)

Objective: Train a Photographer to Level 10

  • Jack is likely your best artist for this
  • You can train him up to Level 10 before having him complete his masterpieces

Objective: Restore the Residence Hall for 25 Residents

  • First, you will need to have at least 15 artists in your colony
  • Restoration costs are $150,000
  • Have any three artists of any skill level work on the hall at the same time to restore it

Objective: Restore the Central Statue

  • First you will need to recover all the pieces of the Central Statue before you can begin restoration. In yellow are circled the statue pieces (one will need to be fished out). In red is where you will find the first photo as reference for the statue. All photos should be acquired via cutscenes.

  • You will need one artist from each discipline trained up to the maximum Level 10
  • Restoration fee is $250,000
  • Once the cost is paid, have 1 maximum level artist from each profession (most likely Ben, Dylan, Simone, Amala, and Jack) work on the statue simultaneously to restore it.
  • Completing the statue will raise the colony rating as well as inspire residents
  • Once the statue is restored, the storyline part of the game is officially complete. You can choose to either continue with your current colony or start a new game.

Objective: Accumulate $1,000,000 on your Account

  • This is likely your final objective, and it will take time to achieve. Keep selling masterpieces and having artists create more to earn this milestone.


Many achievements can be acquired simply by playing through the game and its story. However, here is a list of all the possible achievements you can acquire (viewable under achievements in the game). You can use it as a sort of checklist to see where you are in the game:

  • Enter the Colony
  • Create and sell a piece of art
  • Restore the entrance Archway
  • Restore the Stage
  • Restore the Gallery
  • Restore the Residence Hall to accept up to 15 residents
  • Buy the first upgrade for every art studio
  • Have an artist from each discipline reach Level 4
  • Repair the pier
  • Restore the mural on the face of the mountain
  • Have at least 10 artists in the Colony
  • Accumulate $100,000
  • Sell 20 masterpieces
  • Restore the Residence Hall to accept up to 25 residents
  • Buy the maximum upgrade for every art studio
  • Restore the Fountain
  • Accumulate $500,000
  • Have at least 20 artists in the Colony
  • Fish out a Statue piece
  • Sell 100 masterpieces
  • Have an artist from each discipline reach the maximum skill level
  • Restore the Statue
  • Accumulate $1,000,000
  • Have 25 artists in the Colony


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