Art of Conquest Tips, Cheats and Strategies


There’s a lot going on in Lilith Games’s Art of Conquest. Being a mixture of an RTS, MMO, and base building game, there’s plenty for you to get to grips with. Fortunately, Art of Conquest is pretty good at easing you in, but that doesn’t mean that a helping hand wouldn’t be welcome, right?

Gamezebo’s Art of Conquest Tips, Cheats and Strategies will guide you through the early stages of the game. In no time at all, you’ll understand about different heroes and how each resource will help you.

The Very Start

Art of Conquest Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Art of Conquest is a little mean at the start. It asks you to choose between one of three heroes, but doesn’t really explain why it’s so important. Don’t worry. You can still get more heroes later on.
  • Avalon is a pretty good guy to start with. He’s an all rounder, providing support to archers, and with plenty of skills that are great for taking out bosses. Best of all, he has a Natural Leader ability that means you can increase the maximum number of units you can deploy.
  • Avril is an Ice Mage and therefore great at dealing damage. The downside is you need to know how to use her Mana most effectively, and when best to inflict an ability on your enemies. Her Ice Wall attack can divide the battlefield, stopping enemies crossing the line, while Blizzard freezes troops.
  • Then there’s Rufio. He’s a tough tank of a fighter, being able to deal up to three times more damage when at full strength. He’s a real brute and sure to be tempting to those that want to be extra tough on the battlefield.

Hero Abilities

  • In each case, you can level up your chosen hero’s skills through the ability points system. It’s down to personal preference but you want to mostly distribute the points quite evenly so you have a balanced fighter. Otherwise, you might be too good at one thing while too weak at another.

Building and Resource Management

Art of Conquest Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Art of Conquest is also a base building game, so you want to manage your resources wisely. Found throughout the map, you can pick up gold and wood easily enough, while also generating it at your castle.
  • Look out for Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystals. These can’t be produced by yourself, meaning you have to find them on the map or steal them from enemies. Spend them wisely because they’re so tricky to find.
  • Upgrade your warehouse whenever possible. If your castle is under attack, a certain amount of resources will be protected by your warehouse, depending on its level.
  • Work on improving the technology available to you. You want the best kind of troops at your disposal. This changes depending on the race you are, but generally, long range units are good. Things like archers or riflemen are a wise addition to your crew.


Art of Conquest Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • When fighting against an enemy, try to have a balanced group of troops. You want some short range attackers that can fend off the enemy while your long range units work from a distance.
  • Sometimes, you’ll see a ‘Morale Collapse’ message appear over the enemy, meaning they might run away. This mostly happens after casting special attacks and causing a considerable amount of damage. Make sure you don’t allow this to happen to you though!
  • When placing your troops, keep the archers or riflemen further back so that the hardier troops can be on the frontline.
  • When you’ve done this in past battles, hit the formation button to auto-deploy things how you left it. It’ll save you some valuable time.

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