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Game Introduction – Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic is a game developed by Playdom in which you must defend your kingdom from the goblin threat. Gamezebo’s Armies of Magic strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips, tricks, hints and cheats to help you come out victorious in battle.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

After choosing your race and your avatar, one of the elders comes to you and asks you to lead your troops into battle in a short tutorial. This will walk you through a short tutorial on how different actions work in Armies of Magic.

The outline of the game

In Armies of Magic, you fight opposing forces in order to protect your land. However, there’s more to it then simply leading your troops into battle: you also need to manage your capital city, in order to have enough troops and resources to support the fights.

Armies of Magic

Capital city – types of buildings

There are six different types of buildings, that together balance your city and in extension, your army.

Residential buildings increase your population, which are the people you can train into troops.

Goods buildings produce goods, which earn you money.

Cultural buildings increase your culture, which will be explained a little further down.

Military buildings allow you to train your population into troops.

Spell temples produce spells for you to use in battle.

Shrines cast special effects to aid you in battle.

Armies of Magic

Capital city – culture score

At the top of your screen, you can see a little tree icon: this is your culture score. With all the war going on in the world, your people need a little culture to keep them unified. If your culture score is negative, the production and effects of all buildings will stop. To increase your culture score, and be able to have more production buildings in your city, you need to build extra cultural buildings. Walls and roads also add to your culture score.

Armies of Magic

Capital city – training troops

There are different military buildings available to train the different troops in Armies of Magic, but they all work the same: they require population, time, and money. When click on a military building, you will get to choose how many troops you want to train. A general rule of thumb is: the more often you train your troops, the faster their training is complete. In the example below, you can see you can train 4 archers in 3 minutes, which comes down to 45 seconds per archer. If however you can’t commit the time to click every 3 minutes, and you choose to train 40 troops in 1 hour, it comes down to 90 seconds per archer.

Armies of Magic

The amount of population required to train troops, depends on the level of the troops. If you want to train a level 1-troop, only 1 population is required to train that 1 troop. A level 3-troop however, requires 3 population to train 1 troop.

Capital city – producing goods to earn money

Goods buildings are buildings that can produce goods, which in turn earn you money. Choosing which goods to produce, works the opposite of training your troops. If you choose for a longer production process, you get better value for money, but, of course you’ll have to wait longer for it as well.

Armies of Magic

Capital city – researching and upgrading

In order to unlock new buildings, and in extension, new goods and troops, you can go to the Research tab. While a little costly, research is a worthy investment that really makes things easier in the game. Upgrading buildings works similar: the higher the level of the building, the higher the output, be it more goods, or better trained troops.

Armies of Magic

Capital city – army defense

While out and about saving the world, it is of course also important to keep your home city save from attacks, both by computer troops and by other players of the game. If you fail to do so, the enemy can loot your city and take some of your money and troops.

In order to keep your city safe, you need to dedicate some of your troops to defend the city. At the bottom of the Military HQ screen, you see a bar and numbers. The first number shows the amount of troops you have dedicate, with the second number indicating the maximum amount of troops you can dedicate to defense.

Armies of Magic

NOTE: If you don’t meet the minimum required amount of defensive troops, you won’t be able to go out questing and fighting battles. Also be aware that when you level up, the minimum amount of defensive troops required goes up.

Battle basics

In each battle, there are three basic elements to each side: the commander, the miners and the troops.

Armies of Magic

The commander is the target of either side. No matter how many troops are killed, as long as the commander is still alive, the battle goes on. The commander is able to defend himself, but he won’t stand strong for long without his troops.

Miners gather crystals for you, which are necessary to summon more troops. They are very weak, and usually die within two or three hits, so make sure that you have troops ahead of them to protect them.

Troops are the units that do the fighting: ranged troops are usually weaker, but can attack from safety, while the hands-on troops have more health to survive in the heat of battle.

Battle tactics

A battle can be thought in different ways, and as the game progresses, you will certainly develop a style of your own. To get you started though, here is a good basic tactic that will get you through most battles victorious.

TIP: troops work best when they combine their powers. Try and send out troops in 2 to 4 units per time.

Move 1: Send out three miners to start with.

Armies of Magic

Move 2: Once you have 30 crystals, send out three close-up troops.

Armies of Magic

Move 3: Send out a ranged troop as soon as you have 15 crystals.

Move 4: When you have another 20 crystals, send out three more close-up troops.

Move 5: Send out another miner.

Move 6: Send out a ranged troop as soon as you have another 15 crystals.


Send out one to two ranged troops for every three to four close-up troops you send into battle. Once you’ve started to kill enemy miners, start sending out more ranged troops.

Armies of Magic


When you’ve killed all the miners, only very few more troops will come out and it’s mostly you against the enemy commander. This is the moment to focus solely on ranged troops, as (most) commanders do not use ranged attacks, and you can basically attack him without receiving damage.

Armies of Magic


You have completed the quick start guide for Armies of Magic by Playdom. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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