Arcane Odyssey Lost Magic – Can You Use Lost Magic?


Is the wide range of magic in Arcane Odyssey still not to your taste? Looking for something more unusual? Well, take a look at our Arcane Odyssey Lost Magic guide. We’ll try and fill you in on what you need to know.

Arcane Odyssey is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a huge open world with in-depth combat, devastating elemental powers, and fully customizable ships. Set out to survive, gear up, and chase down your past.

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Arcane Odyssey Lost Magic Guide

Here we’ll try and answer any questions you might have about Lost Magic.

What Is Lost Magic?

Lost Magic refers to any kind of magic that doesn’t exist in the regular magic list, but is still utilized in-game. Currently, the only Lost Magic is Flare, used by the character Iris.

Can I Use Lost Magic?

At the moment it is not possible to use any Lost Magic as a player. Iris is the only character who uses Flare currently, though the devs have set out its strengths and weaknesses compared with other elements in the same way as player magic.

What Are The Plans For Lost Magic?

According to the official Trello, there are plans to introduce Lost Magic as a player ability in-game through updates. These magics will not be available to players on starting, and you will instead pick them up through acquiring rare scrolls with instructions on learning it.

You’ll fine planned Lost Magic listed below.

  • Flare Magic – Sun-based magic.
  • Storm Magic – Combined wind and lightning.

What Is Arcane Odyssey?

Arcane Odyssey is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s a seafaring fantasy RPG that lets you loose to roam a vast open sea full of adventure. Unlock the secrets of your strange elemental powers and take on the sinister Order Of Aesir.

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