Arcane Odyssey Criminal Shipwright Guide – How To Get The Ketch


It’s good to be bad, but a bit dangerous in the world of Arcane Odyssey. You need to have your gear sorted out. If you want the very best ship, you’ll need to know how to get it. Our Arcane Odyssey Criminal Shipwright guide, we’ll explain how to get the best ship while indulging in your villain arc.

Arcane Odyssey is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a huge open world with in-depth combat, devastating elemental powers, and fully customizable ships. Set out to survive, gear up, and chase down your past.

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Arcane Odyssey Criminal Shipwright Guide

Here we’ll try and cover everything you need to know about the shipwright, and Arcane Odyssey as a whole.

What Are Criminal Players?

Criminal players refers to any player character with a negative reputation, known as ‘ounty’. You can gain bounty by breaking laws, attacking innocent ships and killing players who have positive reputation.

What Are The Effects Of Bounty?

Getting bounty can make your life a lot more difficult. Many merchant NPCs in towns will no longer trade with you and you will have to steal to acquire cargo. You may also be pursued by the Grand Navy and jailed, or even executed.

How Can I Get A Ship If I Have Bounty?

Some places are more friendly to shady characters. You can go to the shipwright in the areas below and secure a new craft, if you have the levels and the galleons to back up your ambitions.

  • Blackwater Grotto (Also sells the Ketch)
  • Darkpine Isle
  • Forest Of Cernunno
  • Thorin’s Refuge

What Is Arcane Odyssey?

Arcane Odyssey is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s a seafaring fantasy RPG that lets you loose to roam a vast open sea full of adventure. Unlock the secrets of your strange elemental powers and take on the sinister Order Of Aesir.

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