Arcane Odyssey Bosses Guide – Stats And Loot


Want to know what you’ll be up against on the stormy seas of Arcane Odyssey? Well, look no further! Our Arcane Odyssey Bosses guide lines up the whole rogues’ gallery of shady characters you’ll need to deal with in your adventures.

Arcane Odyssey is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a huge open world with in-depth combat, devastating elemental powers, and fully customizable ships. Set out to survive, gear up, and chase down your past.

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Arcane Odyssey Bosses Guide

Here we’ll try and cover anything you need to know about the Arcane Odyssey bosses.

Main Bosses

All the bosses from the main story can be found here.


  • Location: Silent Ire
  • Health: 300
  • Drops: None


  • Location: Frostmill Island
  • Health: 400
  • Drops: Vermillion Bracelet

Lord Elius

  • Location: Dijn Ruins
  • Health: 1200
  • Drops: Collared Capen Noble Thunderspear, Ravenna Noble Armor, Ravenna Noble Boots, Scimitars of Storm, Shroud, Stormcaller

Lady Carina

  • Location: Ravenna
  • Health: 2500
  • Drops: Ravenna Apostle Bracelets, Ravenna Apostle Faulds, Ravenna Apostle Gi, Ravenna Apostle Leggings, Ravenna Apostle Pauldrons

General Argos

  • Location: Fort Talos
  • Health: 3000
  • Drops: Bronze Chainmail Armor, Cape of Ravenna Loyalty, Lance of Loyalty, Lion of Ravenna Set, Lion’s Halberd

King Calvus

  • Location: Ravenna Castle
  • Health: 4500
  • Drops: Mantel of Ravenna’s Fallen King, Ravenna Fallen King Armor, Ravenna Fallen King Boots, The Lost Crown of Ravenna, Triasta of Bronze

Side Bosses

There are all the non-essential bosses.


  • Location: Wind-row Island
  • HP: 933
  • Drops: Wind-row Wolves Garment


  • Location: Cernunno
  • HP: 1300
  • Drops: Archon Quartz Amulet, Cernyx’s Faulds, Cernyx’s Sleeveless Robe, Cernyx’s Boots

Architect Merlot

  • Location: Whitesummit
  • HP: 2700
  • Drops: Sanguine, Silent Blades

Commodore Kai

  • Location: Silverhold
  • HP: 3000
  • Drops: Commodore Kai’s Sabre

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