Arcane Lineage Westwood Guide – All You Need to Know

Our Arcane Lineage Westwood guide contains all you need to know about the key location in the expansive Roblox RPG.

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Planning to explore Arcane Lineage Westwood? Well, this guide can help you along your journey. Whether you’re curious about the NPCs who reside in Westwood or which shops you can browse, you’ll find all the information you need to know down below.

Arcane Lineage is a unique turn-based Roblox game. Utilise a variety of classes that branch out into more powerful ones and take part in explosive combat. Summon beasts, apply debuffs, support your allies, and come out on top! It’s important to remember that this game is notoriously difficult.

For more information about the game, visit the official Roblox page. If you’re looking for more Arcane Lineage content, take a look at our Arcane Lineage class tier list, Arcane Lineage weapons guide, and our Arcane Lineage ore locations guide.

Arcane Lineage Westwood Guide

Let’s delve deeper into the key location.

What is Westwood?

Westwood is a key location in Arcane Lineage. It’s located within the Deeproot Canopy and is a town that is built upon wooden platforms that are connected to the trees. The members of the Way of Life covenant live in Westwood as well as other residents from the Deeproot Canopy.

What Can I Find in Westwood?

Westwood has a plethora of buildings and utilities available for players.

  • Soul Selection
  • Quest Board
  • Meditation Mats
  • The Bank
  •  Way of Life Covenant
  • Transport Wagon (sadly, it’s not nearby to the town’s entrance, so you’ll have to wander deeper into Westwood to find it)

Westwood Shops

  • Weapon Shop – this shop has a lot of weapon upgrades available
  • Merchant’s Shop
  • Potion Shop – this shop also has cauldrons!
  • Blacksmith

Westwood NPCs

  • The Doctor – found at the end of the first bridge in the town
    • Normal Mode: heals you for free
    • Hard Mode: Costs 25 Gold
    • Legendary Mode: Costs 50 Gold up to level 75, and costs 75 Gold when you are level 75+
  • Dealer/Gambler – found in the Covenant building
    • You can play Spelldraw by interacting with him – you need at least 50 Gold though!
  • Blacksmith
  • Guild Clerk – found by the Quest Board
    • Check your quest progress, resolve a quest, or abandon a quest by interacting with him
  • Itinerant – found on the Canopy Path
    • Allows you to quick travel between locations – you need to register locations before you can quick travel to them!
  • Krit – found sitting on the Bridge Rail
  • Merchant

Items You Can Purchase in Westwood

  • Blacksteel Claws – 200 Gold from the Weapon Shop
  • Blacksteel Sabre – 200 Gold from the Weapon Shop
  • Ferrus Towershield – 600 Gold from the Weapon Shop
  • Blacksteel Spear – 200 Gold from the Weapon Shop
  • Blacksteel Knife – 200 Gold from the Weapon Shop
  • Old Staff – 50 Gold from the Weapon Shop
  • Medium Health Potion – 200 Gold from the Potion Shop
  • Minor Absorbing Potion – 140 Gold from the Potion Shop
  • Random Scroll – 300 Gold (only appears once every 24 hours)
  • Blueprint for Bloody Menace Armor – 250 Gold

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