Arcane Lineage Subclasses Guide – How to Unlock

Our Arcane Lineage subclasses guide contains all you need to know about each subclass, including what they are and how to unlock them!

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Working towards unlocking the Arcane Lineage subclasses? This guide is here to help! I’ve made sure to include all of the important bits of information regarding each subclass in the expansive Roblox RPG. Read below to find out more about all subclasses and how to unlock them – I’ll also keep this guide up to date as and when new subclasses are added to Arcane Lineage!

Arcane Lineage is a unique turn-based Roblox game. Utilise a variety of classes that branch out into more powerful ones and take part in explosive combat. Summon beasts, apply debuffs, support your allies, and come out on top! It’s important to remember that this game is notoriously difficult.

For more information about the game, visit the official Roblox page. We’ve also got an Arcane Lineage classes guide, Arcane Lineage mage guide, and an Arcane Lineage Dark Wraith guide.

Arcane Lineage Subclasses Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!


  • Per Skill: 400 Gold
  • Total Cost: 1200 Gold
  • Amount of Skills: 3

Passive Abilities

  • Curar Forte (Utility Item): Use 3% of your maximum HP to heal your allies for 6% of their HP

Active Abilities

  • Latir Minor: Strum your violin to create resonance that buffs your allies for a total of 4 turns
  • Rebanar Major: Summon a trumpet and release a sharp attack that slices your opponents (this also applies Vulnerable and Blindess!)

How to Unlock Musician

  • Head to the Desert area
  • Travel to the left of the Desert
  • Search for a tavern
  • Once you’ve found the tavern, walk inside
  • You’ll spot Cantia, the Musician trainer, conducting music
  • Interact with them to become a Musician!


  • Per Skill: 250 Gold
  • Total Cost: 750 Gold
  • Amount of Skills: 3

Passive Abilites

  • Sneak: Allows you to crouch and sneak around as you avoid encounters with opponents, however, you take damage over time
  • Bestiary: Open a Bestiary that allows you to view information for all opponents that you have defeated (opponents must have a mark)

Active Abilities

  • Mark: Strike an opponent with a piece of your soul, marking them (if you manage to defeat this opponent, their information is added to your Bestiary)

How to Unlock Beastmaster

  • Head to the Forest
  • Travel to the entrance of the Desert, but don’t go to the Desert
  • Look to the left of the Desert entrance
  • You’ll spot a character standing against a wall while holding a sword (his head is a glowing purple aura)
  • Interact with Thorin, the Beastmaster trainer, to become a Beastmaster!


  • Per Skill: 200+ Potion
  • Total Cost: 800
  • Amount of Skills: 4
  • Available Potions: Invisibility, Small Healing, and Ferrus Skin

Passive Abilities

  • Iron Gut: Lower the amount of toxicity from potions that have been drunk during battle
  • Create Cauldron: Summon a cauldron wherever you are
  • Certified: Sell ingredients and potions at the Apothecary

Active Abilities

  • Dangerous Mixture: Throw an undodgeable potion at an opponents, while applying 3 random stat buffs for 3 turns (costs 2 energy)

How to Unlock Alchemist

  • Head to the Deeproot Canopy
  • Go to Westwood Village
  • You’ll find Selia, the Alchemist trainer, standing by a table while they brew potions
  • Interact with Selia to become an Alchemist!

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