Arcane Lineage Soul Points – How to Get Them

A complete guide to Arcane Lineage soul points, including what they are, how to unlock them, and the maximum number that you can earn.

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Not sure how to get Arcane Lineage soul points? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we detail exactly what soul points are, what to do with them, and the various different methods that you can perform to unlock them. What’s more, we’ll update it as soon as anything changes, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often. See it as your ultimate source for everything you need to know about Arcane Lineage soul points.

Arcane Lineage is a deep, challenging, and rewarding Roblox RPG that sees you exploring an open world, picking a class, and battling enemies to progress. There are loads of customisation options, including different weapons, armour, enchantments, and more to unlock and equip, helping improve your character.

You can check out Arcane Lineage on Roblox. We also recommend checking out our Arcane Lineage scrolls, How to Heal in Arcane Lineage, and Arcane Lineage races guide.

Arcane Lineage Soul Points

Here’s everything that you need to know about Arcane Lineage soul points.

What Are Soul Points?

Soul points are an unlockable item that you can use to progress through your chosen skill tree, earning various statistical boosts.  Here are the three different skill trees and what they boost:

  • Path of Destruction:
    • Critical Damage
    • Critical Chance
    • Magical Damage
    • Physical Damage
    • Overall Damage
  • Path of Empowerment:
    • Health
    • Defense
    • Regen
    • Encounter Regen (in-battle)
  • Path of Sundry:
    • Essence Gain
    • Sell Price Increase
    • Luck Increase
    • Speed Increase
    • Soul Vault

How do I Get Soul Points?

There are a number of different ways you can unlock soul points in Arcane Legacy, though typically these are for performing meaningful actions that boost your character.

You can only perform certain actions once, but there are methods that you can repeat to farm soul points. However, you can’t do these forever. For example, you earn a soul point each time you earn an ultra class, but this only triggers the first time for each class. Once you’ve unlocked all of the ultra classes, you will no longer gain soul points from this.

One Time Soul Points:

Here are the activities you can perform once to unlock soul points, and how many you get:

  • Unlock your first base class: 1
  • Unlock your first super class: 2
  • Unlock your first ultra class: 3
  • Unlock your first artifact: 2
  • Complete a raid: 5
  • Join a covenant: 2
  • Max a covenant: 3
  • Unlock your first super on hard difficulty: 2
  • Unlock your first ultra on hard difficulty: 2
  • Unlock your first super on legendary difficulty: 2
  • Unlock your first ultra on legendary difficulty: 2
  • Obtain your first mark: 4
  • Total obtainable soul points: 30

Repeatable Soul Points:

  • Unlock a new super class: 1
  • Unlock a new ultra class: 1
  • Unlock a new enchantment: 1
  • Total obtainable soul points: 15

How Many Arcane Lineage Soul Points Can I Unlock?

If you perform all of the activities on the above list, you can earn a maximum number of 45 soul points in Arcane Lineage. That includes performing all of the repeatable tasks the maximum number of times.

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