Arcane Lineage Saint Guide – Best Build and More

Our Arcane Lineage Saint guide covers all you need to know about the class, including the best equipment, weapons, and more!

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Looking for an Arcane Lineage Saint guide? We’re here to help! Our guide contains all you need to know about the Saint class, including best builds, abilities, how to unlock the class, and more. Make sure to bookmark this page as we plan to keep it up to date when new equipment and abilities are added to the game.

Arcane Lineage is a unique turn-based Roblox game. Utilise a variety of classes that branch out into more powerful ones and take part in explosive combat. Summon beasts, apply debuffs, support your allies, and come out on top! It’s important to remember that this game is notoriously difficult.

For more information about the game, visit the official Roblox page. We’ve also got an Arcane Lineage classes guide, Arcane Lineage mage guide, and an Arcane Lineage Dark Wraith guide.

Arcane Lineage Saint Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

What is the Saint Class?

The Saint class is a level 15+ Orderly Super Class in Arcane Lineage. The class focuses on using spears in battle, as well as wielding healing abilities! They’re great at filling the support role in a party. You’ll need to unlock and upgrade the Slayer base class before you can become a Saint.

Saint Costs

  • Cost Per Skill: 400 Gold
  • Total Cost: 2000 Gold
  • Amount of Skills: 5

Passive Abilities for Saint

  • Graceful Returns – You are granted buffs when healing others
  • Holy Emissary – Your healing is buffed

Active Abilities for Saint

  • Light Burst – Summon a burst of light with your spear (also blinds opponents!)
  • Cleansing Prayer – Cleanses an ally and heals them while removing debuffs
  • Holy Grace – Heals an ally

Saint Best Build

Next, let’s go over the best equipment and stats for the Saint class.

Best Saint Weapon

The best Saint weapon.

  • Blacksteel Spear
    • Can be bought at the Westwood weapon shop for a total of 200 Gold

Best Saint Stats

  • Arcane
  • Endurance

Best Saint Equipment

  • Speed Equipment
  • Life Equipment
  • Spirit Equipment
  • Recovery Equipment
  • Mending Equipment

Best Saint Armor

  • Pathfinder Martyr
    • Requires level 20, 750 Gold, 1 Aestic Ore, and 1 Ferrus Ore
    • +5% Physical Armor
    • +20 Flat HP
    • +7.5% HP
    • +15% Holy Armor
    • +1 Speed
    • +3 Arcane
    • +1 HP Regen

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