Arcane Lineage Lives Guide – Mysterious Man Location

A definitive guide to Arcane Lineage lives, including how to get lives back and how to increase your maximum lives.

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If you’ve played the hardcore Roblox RPG Arcane Lineage, you’ve probably encountered the old school Arcane Lineage lives system at this point. Much like in classic Mario, Sonic, or any other game from the SNES or MegaDrive era, each character in Arcane Lineage has a finite number of lives. Each time you die, you lose a life until you have none left. That wouldn’t be so much of an issue if it wasn’t so unclear how to get lives back. Fortunately, that’s exactly what I aim to help with in this guide.

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox RPG that harkens back to yesteryear, when map markers, detailed quest objectives, and unlimited lives were barely a twinkle in their developer’s eye. You simply spawn and head out into a brutal and unforgiving world, trying to forge a survival. You can pick a class, team up with other players, and loot all of the gear to help give you an advantage.

Check it out on Roblox if you’re curious. I’ve also put together Arcane Lineage ore locations, Arcane Lineage enchantments, and Arcane Lineage artifacts.

Arcane Lineage Lives

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Arcane Lineage lives, including how to get more.

What Are Arcane Lineage Lives?

When you initially spawn in Arcane Lineage, you only have three lives. That means, if you die three times, you run out of lives. Naturally, you want to avoid that happening.

How to Get Lives Back

If you’re running short on lives and are starting to worry a bit, don’t. There is an item that you can use to get lives back. That item is, of course, the Phoenix Tear, and you can purchase it from the Mysterious Man NPC.

Where is the Mysterious Man?

That’s a good question. The Mysterious Man isn’t actually always available in Arcane Lineage, as he only spawns once per hour, and only for ten minutes at a time. He also spawns in different locations, including:

  • Behind the appraiser’s building in Caldera Town
  • Behind the blacksmith in Caldera Town

His stock also changes each time he spawns, so you may have to try and find him a few times before you get a Phoenix Tear.

Can I Increase the Maximum Number of Lives?

You can, but it’s incredibly challenging. You have to reroll your race until you get one of the following three:

  • Daminos – 3%
  • Dullahan – 1%
  • Shea – Unavailable

The first two have incredibly low reroll chances, and the third isn’t currently available in the game. So, it’s quite an unreliable method.

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