Arcane Lineage Elementalist – Best Build and More

A definitive guide to the Arcane Lineage Elementalist, including a list of abilities and a complete build guide.

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So, you like the sound of flinging fireballs around but aren’t quite sure how to get started? My Arcane Lineage Elementalist guide is here to help you. In this guide, I’ve covered absolutely everything you need to know about the magic-based class, including how it works and all of its abilities. Towards the end of this guide, I’ve even put together a recommended the best Elementalist build.

Arcane Lineage is a brilliant Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from genre classics. It doesn’t hold your hand at all, simply throwing you into a harsh and unforgiving world that you have to figure out for yourself. Well, you could just read the handy guides on Gamezebo, of course.

Check out Arcane Lineage on Roblox. I’ve also put together Arcane Lineage races, Arcane Lineage lives, and Arcane Lineage soul points guides.

Arcane Lineage Elementalist Guide

Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Arcane Lineage Elementalist class.

What is the Elementalist Class?

As the name suggests, the Elementalist is the master of the elements. It’s the ideal class for those that like slinging fireballs around, though it also uses the power of wind and lightning.

It really is the classic magic class, though perhaps lacking in a bit of utility when compared to others. If you just want to brute force it with sheer power, it’s fantastic.

Passive Abilities for Elementalist

The following abilities are active at all times.

  • Elemental Master: Take less elemental damage
  • Caster: Chance to gain extra energy each turn

Active Abilities for Elementalist

You can use these abilities in combat.

  • Blaze (1 Mana): Deals high damage to a single enemy, and lesser splash damage to enemies near it.
  • Wind Reflect (2 Mana): Reflects melee attacks for two rounds.
  • Lightning Crash (3 Mana): AoE attack that targets all enemies for high damage, and has a chance to stun.

Elementalist Best Build

Now that you know how the Elementalist plays, here’s what we consider to be the best Elementalist build.

Best Elementalist Weapon

You’re limited in terms of weapon options for magic classes right now, so we recommend the good old default Old Staff.

  • Old Staff

Best Elementalist Stats

Much like the Mage class, you really want to try and maximise your Arcane as that will keep you casting, and dealing damage, for longer. You also need to make sure you remain alive though, so do pick up some Endurance.

  • Arcane (2 Per Level Recommended)
  • Endurance (1 Per Leve Recommendedl)

Best Elementalist Equipment

Max out that Arcane stat by using Arcane equipment.

  • Arcane Equipment

Best Elementalist Armor

I recommend the Arcane Robes for the Elementalist. It further boosts your fire resistance and provides the highest Arcane stat boost of any armors in the game.

Alternatively, you can use Corrupt Caster if you want more health and a small chance to gain more energy.

  • Best: Arcane Robes
  • Alternative: Corrupt Caster

Best Elementalist Enchantment

Inferno is definitely the most class-appropriate, as it will set your Old Staff on fire and provide the burning status effect when you attack.

However, I always recommend the Midas enchantment as it boosts your damage, drop rates, and gold. I guess it depends on what your priorities are.

  • Inferno
  • Midas

Best Elementalist Artifact

There are actually four solid artifacts for Elementalists, which we’ll list below:

  • Reality Watch: This will revert your health and energy back to its value three turns after using it. Cast it at the beginning of battle to watch your health and energy completely restore three turns later. Brilliant for beginners.
  • Stellion Core: Flat stat boost on all stats while you’re above 95% health. This is best used when you’re in a party with a healer.
  • Metrom’s Amulet: Good for those that want a bit of additional AoE damage.
  • Dark Sigil: Only use this is you pick up the Inferno enchantment. Each six times you apply burning (or stun from Lightning Crash) you will deal 15% of your opponent’s maximum health. Use this against bosses.

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