Arcane Lineage Controls – All Keybinds Listed

A definitive guide to Arcane Lineage controls, including a full list of all keybinds, so you know how to play the game.

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Have you just started playing Arcane Lineage but aren’t sure what the keybinds are? That’s where our Arcane Lineage controls guide comes in. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the keybinds so you know how to perform all of the manoeuvres. What’s more, we’ll update this guide whenever anything changes, including a new feature that gets introduced with its own keybind. Naturally, if keybinds change, we’ll also update this list with that too.

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox RPG that whisks you back to yesteryear, where games didn’t just hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do. You are simply thrown into a world and have to forge a survival. That involves picking a class, participating in quests, and actively seeking out the most powerful loot. You don’t have to go it alone either. Simply form a party with other players for safety, and take on some of the more challenging content the game has to offer, including bosses.

You can grab Arcane Lineage on Roblox. I’ve put together a ton more guides, which I recommend you check out too. This includes Arcane Lineage races, Arcane Lineage lives, and how to heal in Arcane Lineage.

Arcane Lineage Controls

Without further ado, lets take a look at a complete list of Arcane Lineage keybinds for every action in the game.

  • W: Move forward
  • A: Strafe left
  • S: Move backwards
  • D: Strafe right
  • W – W: Double tap W to run
  • Space: QTEs, including blocking and dodging in combat
  • Q: Dodge roll
  • B: Inventory
  • M: Meditate
  • E: Interact
  • Right Click: Move camera
  • I: Zoom in
  • O: Zoom out

And that’s it so far. As I mentioned earlier, if any of these keybinds change, or a new feature requiring a new control is introduced, I’ll update this guide. Please bookmark it and keep an eye out.

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