Apple Arcade: How to Get it, What is it and More

By Sam Simmons |

Apple Arcade is the latest solution to the overwhelming amount of adverts and IAPs included in pretty much every mobile game on the planet. What makes the Apple Arcade stand out from the crowd is the promise of exclusive titles released just for the Arcade.

We all know that the best way to get people to open their wallets is to offer them exclusives and promise tons of future content. What Apple has done on top of this is to offer users a free one-month trial to see if they like the service.

But don’t forget, the subscription renews automatically and you can’t cancel early. Cancelling the subscription early will cause the Apple Arcade membership to end immediately. But hey, we will have more on that in a later article.

How to Get Apple Arcade

Getting your hands on Apple Arcade is as easy as getting any game off the App Store. But, in order for you to be eligible to start your subscription, you will need to be on the latest iOS version. Apple released iOS 13 yesterday, so if you check in your Settings>General>Software Update you will find the latest version for download.

After downloading iOS 13, the next step is to open the App Store. Here you will find the “Updates” tab is replaced with an “Arcade” tab. Click on the Arcade tab and you’ll see the offer at the top of the page to start your free membership now.

After confirming your payment details, you will now be an official Apple Arcade member. This will allow you to browse and download any of the titles exclusive to this section of the App Store.

If you are unsure what games are worth getting on the Arcade, then check out this guide. Or, if you are trying to set up family sharing for the Apple Arcade, then check out this guide.

One of the coolest parts of updating to iOS 13 is that you can now connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller to your device.

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