Apple Arcade FAQ: How to Cancel Subscription, How do I Find Games and More

By Sam Simmons |

The Apple Arcade is Apple’s premium subscription service offering exclusive mobile games with no adverts or in-app purchases. Stuff like this always sounds too good to be true, so a lot of us as are asking the same questions.

Below are a few answers to questions I have seen come up several times recently. If you want your question answered, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

Apple Arcade offers users the first month free, but they warn you that in exactly one month’s time they will charge you. Most users, me included, thought they could activate the trial, cancel the membership and still be allowed to enjoy a full month with no risk of being charged. Well, that is not possible.

As soon as you cancel your membership, that’s it, it’s over. You won’t get to see out the rest of the month, it is over as soon as you confirm you don’t want it anymore.

If you want to cancel your subscription anyway, you click on the App Store and then click the profile icon in the top right corner of any page. In the Account tab, you want to click on the “Subscriptions” section, and then click on the subscription you wish to cancel.

How do I ensure I won’t be Charged?

There are many ways to ensure that you won’t end up with a $4.99 bill in one month’s time, all provided by apple themselves. You can set a reminder to go off in exactly 29 days from the day you started the subscription. Or you can set an event in your calendar, also around one day before your subscription renews.

Remember to set the reminder at least one full day before the day of renewal. It’s not clear if Apple remembers what hour you got the subscription, so leave a day to ensure you don’t get charged.

How do I Find Games?

When the Arcade first came out, there was a list of every single game. This proved troublesome because if you were looking for a specific game, you would have to scroll through around 100 titles before you found the one you were looking for.

Now, there is a list of six categories where several games have divided into. These categories are Adventure, Beginners, Multiplayer, Platformer, Puzzle and Role-Playing.

If the game you want is not in any of these categories, then you will have to scroll to the bottom of the Arcade tab in the App Store and click “See All Games”. Here you will find a complete list of all games available on the subscription.

I can only hope that Apple adds more categories and ways to find the games you want.

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