Apex Legends Mobile Character Guide – Every Legend Explained, and How to Unlock Them


Apex Legends Mobile has just landed on the Google Play Store and the App Store, bringing its special brand of team-based battle royale to your pocket-sized devices. As well as that, it’s brought a lot of famous faces that you can pick from before you stride out into battle.

There are ten characters in total, each with their own unique set of skills. And there are different ways to unlock all of them as well. But don’t worry, because we’ve covered all of that in this handy guide.

If you’re just starting out your Apex Legends journey, or you’re an old hand who wants to know when you can play as your favorite legend – this is the guide you’ve been waiting for. So let’s get to it. Here are all the characters in Apex Legends Mobile and how to unlock them.


Bloodhound is a tracker whose passive lets him see the location and time of enemy actions. His tactical skill is a sort of radar that shows you any nearby enemies. His ultimate allows you to move faster and highlights enemies and their tracks – and knockdowns will extend its duration.

How to unlock

Bloodhound is unlocked at the start of the game


Octane is all about moving as fast as possible. His passive allows you to gradually restore health when you’re not taking any damage. His tactical move injects you with a stimulant that lets you increase your speed and avoid slowing effects – at the cost of your health. His Ultimate drops a jump pad that launches you, or your squadmates, into the air and allows you a double jump too.

How to unlock

Octane is unlocked at the start of the game


Lifeline is a support character who can heal other members of the team. Her passive is a drone that lets her revive and shield teammates while still moving about. Here tactical skill allows you to heal nearby Legends over time, and her Ultimate drops a pod filled with high-tier defensive equipment.

How to unlock

Lifeline is unlocked when you reach Level 2


Bangalore is a soldier who’s a good character to play if you’re not looking for a particular role. When she takes fire while sprinting her speed increases, and her tactical move sets off a smoke grenade that gives you and your team cover. Her Ultimate calls in a targeted artillery strike that damages, slows and blurs the vision of anyone caught in it.

How to unlock

Bangalore is unlocked when you reach Level 3


Pathfinder is a nimble robot who can use his passive skill to find out where the next ring is going to be by scanning a survey beacon – doing that also reduces the cooldown of your Ultimate. His tactical move lets him use a grappling hook to swing away and his Ultimate creates a zipline for the whole team to use.

How to unlock

Pathfinder is unlocked when you reach Level 4


Gibraltar is a shield character that can soak up a lot of damage. His passive creates a shield when you’re aiming down the sights of whatever gun you’ve got equipped. His tactical lets you place a dome of protection that blocks incoming and outgoing attacks – and your teammates heal quicker inside it. His Ultimate calls in a mortar strike that damages, slows and blurs the vision of anyone caught in it.

How to unlock

Gibraltar is unlocked when you reach Level 6


Wraith uses her control of the void to protect herself. Her passive will warn her when she’s been spotted, targetted or are near traps. Her tactical move allows you to run through the void, moving faster and avoiding damage. Her Ultimate lets you create a portal between two places, which any Legend can move through for 60 seconds.

How to unlock

Wraith is unlocked when you reach Level 15


Caustic uses poisons and AoE effects to harm his enemies. His passive skill lets him see enemies through the fog of poison. His tactical move drops six canisters of gas that release their contents when shot or triggered by enemies, slowing and damaging them over time. His Ultimate throws a grenade of the same substance that covers a large area.

How to unlock

Caustic is unlocked when you reach Level 20


Mirage uses holograms to trick other players. His passive lets him cloak when he uses Respawn Becaons and revives teammates, as well as release a decoy and go invisible when he’s knocked down. His tactical move sends out a decoy and if you reactivate it, the decoy copies your movements. His Ultimate sends out a team of decoys that copy your movements while you cloak and speed up for a short time.

How to unlock

Mirage is unlocked when you reach Level 24


Fade is a new Legend. He also uses the void, but in more support-oriented way. His passive gives him a speed boost at the end of a slide. His tactical move lets him move back in time a few seconds to a previous location. His Ultimate throws a grenade that sucks every Legend in range into the void for a few seconds.

How to unlock

There are two ways to unlock Fade

  • You can collect Fade shards from various reward chests
  • You can spend 750 Gold, the game’s premium currency

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