Antimatter Dimensions Guide – The Basics

Looking for an Antimatter Dimensions guide? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at our comprehensive guide where we’ve broken down the basics of the game. It’s a pretty confusing and overwhelming game at times, but once you’re used to …

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Looking for an Antimatter Dimensions guide? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at our comprehensive guide where we’ve broken down the basics of the game. It’s a pretty confusing and overwhelming game at times, but once you’re used to it, you’ll be progressing in no time.

Antimatter Dimensions is an idle incremental game that has a ton of unlockable features and achievements. The aim of the game is to reach infinity as soon as possible, as this allows you to progress through the other content. Once you reach infinity, what else is out there? Purchase upgrades, and create a plethora of galaxies!

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Antimatter Dimensions Guide

Now, let’s get on with the guide!

The Basics

  • First Dimensions produce antimatter
  • Antimatter is the currency used to buy dimensions
  • Second dimensions produce First Dimensions, Third Dimensions produce Second Dimensions, etc
  • There are eight dimensions in total
  • There is a multiplier per dimension. The base production of each dimension is multiplied. This multiplier increases by 2x for every 10 of that dimension. The price of the dimension will increase each time this happens
  • Build up the count of your highest dimension to “Dimension Shift”. This unlocks a higher dimension where it boosts all dimensions by 2x. This will eventually create an “Antimatter Galaxy” which increases the effectiveness of tickspeed
  • “Dimensional Sacrifice” is unlocked after 5 dimensional boosts
  • There is offline progression too, as all dimensions produce lower tier dimensions to allow you to gain antimatter
  • Offline time usually gets you to the next Prestige of antimatter
  • The max offline progression time is 6 hours if you choose to play on Github
  • You can buy one of each dimension with your antimatter once the cost button is highlighted, if the “Until 10” button is highlighted you can buy however many you need to reach the next dimension multiplier
  • The hotkeys for dimensions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and M for all


  • Production in the game occurs with each  “tick”
  • Purchase tick interval reductions to shortern the time between each tick
  • If you don’t have any galaxies yet, your base tickspeed will be decreased by 11% per purchase
  • “Buy Max” is the action to buy the total amount of tick interval decreases that are available (this depends on how much antimatter you currently have)

Dimension Shift

  • Dimension Shifts reset your current game, however  it does unlock another dimension for the next run
  • Each Dimension Shift needs 20 of your highest dimension
  • A Dimension Boost is a Dimension Shift, but it doesn’t unlock a new dimension. A Dimension Boost happens after 4 Dimension Shifts
  • Every Dimension Boost and Dimension Shift provide a x2 multiplier to the first dimension
  • The hotkey for this is D

Infinity Dimensions

  • You’ll unlock infinity dimensions after reaching a specific amount of antimatter
  • You buy purchase infinity dimensions in sets of 10, with a curreny called Infinity Points
  • Infinity dimensions produce the dimension that is above
  • Infinity dimensions produce Infinity Power instead of antimatter, this is an overall multiplier to all orginal dimensions


  • When you reach infinity Infinity Points, you can Eternity
  • Eternities reset everything before its point of creation, except for challenges, achievements and antimatter
  • When you unlock eternities, you unlock a new tab!
  • Eternities allow you to get Eternity Points

Time Dimensions

  • Once you’ve unlocked your first eternity, you’ll unlock Time Dimensions
  • Time Dimensions can be bought with Eternity Points, and they provide time shards
  • Time shards provide free tickspeed upgrades, which stay on infinity
  • Like the other dimensions, Time Dimensions will produce others, such as Time Dimension 2 producing a Time Dimension 1

Antimatter Galaxies

  • Buying an Antimatter Galazy will reset your game back to the point where you only had 4 dimensions. However, this increases the effect of the tick speed interval reduction by 2%
  • You may not notice much of a difference during the first purchases, but it will eventually show some pretty good multiplicative increases!
  • Your first galaxy increases your tickspeed interval upgrade by 10% of the original state, meaning this percentage will increase to 12% after you have one galaxy
  • The hotkey for this is G

Time Dilation

  • You’ll unlock Time Dilation when you purchase the 5,000 Time Theorem time study – this can be purchased once you’ve beaten EC11 and EC12 a total of five times, as well as earning a total of 13,000 Time Theorem
  • When you dilate time, you’ll start a new eternity, and all of your multipliers will be reduced
  • If you eternity inside a dilated eternity, you’ll obtain Tachyon Particles
  • Tachyon Particles will generate Dilated Time – another currency!
  • You can change Dilated Time into free galaxies once you reach specific thresholds
  • You can purchase Dilation Upgrades with Dilated Time, with some upgrades imrpoving the amount of Dilated Time you earn
  • You can repurchase the first row of Dilation Upgrades as many times as you want, but the others cannot


  • Every replicanti has a change to update every replicanti tick
  • Depending on how many replicanti you have, you’ll obtain a bonus to your infinity dimensions
  • When your replicanti reach infinity, you can buy a galaxy, but the amount of replicanti galaxies you can have has a total cap
  • Replicanti has a total cap of infinity

Time Study

  • Time Study is a strong upgrade that unlocks post-eternity
  • Time Studies cost Time Theorems, and are similar to skill trees
  • In a Time Study, you must buy the prerequisits before carrying on with the rest
  • Time Theorems are limited, and will cost more after each one you purchase – they can be bought with antimatter, eternity points, and infinity points
  • In a Time Study, there is something called Respecs – they allow you to reset the upgrades that you’ve purchased in the Time Study tree, which means you’ll get the Time Theorems back!


  • By completing multiple achievements in a row, you’ll obtain a 1.5x multiplier to all of your dimensions
  • Some achievements even have their own special rewards – keep an eye out!

Infinity Challenges

  • These challenges are like the normal ones, but their difficulty is higher
  • Infinity challenges have higher end goals, and can take a bit of time!
  • Infinity challenges give great rewards and they unlock when you obtain specific amounts of antimatter


  • As you obtain more eternities, you’ll unlock a variety of buffs
  • One of the buffs is an autobuyer unlock!
  • The last milestone you can obtain is at 100 eternities, and it allows full automation

Antimatter Dimensions Guide FAQ

Got some questions about our Antimatter Dimensions guide? Or maybe about the game itself? We’ll answer them below.

Is There An Antimatter Dimensions Discord Server?

Yes! Join the game’s official Discord server to speak with fellow players who are also enjoying the game.

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