Anka Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Anka.

When Anka set about his chores one morning, little did he know that the day would soon take a very different turn! Help him find his parents and catch the culprit.

This is a classic RPG interspersed with many mini games. You need to talk to people to get information and find objects to complete quests and challenges.


You start with a brief tutorial that explains the main actions. As usual in RPGs, you have to talk to characters and take clues from their comments about what to do next. You also have to find and interact with objects.

Some objects can be picked up, after which they appear in the menu bar at the top of the screen. You can then re-select them from the menu bar and use them on other objects. Sometimes you have to drag two objects on top of each other (like a fishing rod and a line) to create the object you need.

If you get stuck, you can get hints on what to do next by clicking on the hint button. After you’ve had a hint the bar on the hint button will slowly empty, during which time you can’t get another hint. When the bar is empty the hint option will be available again.

Similarly, during the mini games a timer bar will slowly empty during which time you can’t skip the game. However, when the timer is empty you can skip the mini game and go back to the main game.

In the tutorial, Anka’s mother calls him inside. But he can’t open the door because the handle has come off! It is on the roof. Pick up the stick by the fence, then select it from the menu at the top and use it on the door handle on the roof. The handle falls off the roof, but into the barrel of water! Pick up the axe and use it on the barrel so the water drains out. Click on the barrel to get the handle, then use the handle on the door and go inside.


Inside is Anka’s mom. Anka collected the eggs for the market this morning but now she can’t find them! Turns out, Anka hid them for a game. You need to find them again – there are 40 and they can be both inside and outside. Many eggs are visible, but many are hidden in, behind or under objects, so try interacting with everything in the house.

The images show all the eggs you can find on the main screens. You will have to move objects to find all eggs pictured.


  • There are 4 eggs in the chest of drawers, move objects inside the drawers to find the eggs.
  • There is also an egg IN the broom – click on the bristles to reveal it.
  • To get the egg from under the chest of drawers you need to pick up a stick from the vase by the fireplace and use it on the egg.
  • The egg in the fireplace is dirty, so you need to clean it. Put it in the water in the sink in the bottom right of the screen. The third drawer from the top has a scrubbing brush – use it on the egg when it’s in the water.
  • To get to the egg in the candelabra, pick up the stool by the chest of drawers and put it down on the rug by the fire. You can then get the egg.


  • When you move the axe to reveal the egg behind it, a woodpecker will appear on a tree. Click on it a few times until it pecks a hole. Then click on it again to scare it away. Use the axe on the hole to get another egg.
  • Use the stick on the water barrel to get the egg that’s under it.
  • The answer to the riddle behind the right door of the chicken coop is 24 eggs.
  • The left door of the chicken coop has a mini game behind it (see mini games below for puzzle solutions), and an egg. You need to play 3 levels of the egg game to continue, or you can wait for the timer to empty and then skip the game.
  • You need to click around in the shrubs and trees to find the eggs in those places.

When you have all 40 eggs, put them in the basket on the table. Anka’s mother will go and sell them at the market in town. But first she will bake an apple pie. Anka needs to read her the recipe. The recipe book is in the top drawer. Take it out and put it on the table. You will get a wordfinder mini game.

Clean the House

Anka’s mother is going to town and Anka is left behind to clean the house. There is a counter in the bottom left corner of the screen that tells you how much of the job you have finished.

  • Straighten cup on the shelf.
  • Straighten the bottle on the chest of drawers.
  • Pick up the lid for the teapot from the chest of drawers and put it on the pot. Then put the teapot back on the shelf.
  • Straighten the spade by the wall under the shelf.
  • Put the stool back upright.
  • Put the recipe book back in the top drawer.
  • Straighten the towel in the bottom drawer.
  • Pick up the stick from the mantelpiece and put it in the vase by the fire. Anka will then find a fork. Put it back in the second drawer.
  • To clean the plates, put them in the sink. Get the red soap and the sponge from the second drawer. First put soap on the plates, then use the sponge. Then pick up the plates and put them on the shelf. Anka will find the scrubbing brush on the shelf.
  • Use the scrubbing brush to get the flour off the table.
  • When the table is clean, Anka will find something under the tablecloth. Lift up the tablecloth and find the curtain tie. Use it on the curtain and put the tablecloth back down.
  • Behind the curtain is an egg cup. Put it back in the top drawer.
  • When you straighten the picture in the top left corner, an oven mitt will fall out. Put it back in the bottom drawer.
  • By the sink is a lid. Put it on the pan in the second drawer.

When you’ve finished cleaning up, you get a jigsaw mini game. You can even make your own jigsaws from pictures on your computer!

After the puzzle, Anka goes outside. He sees that the dog is back. This must mean that dad is back too! Click on the sign with the arrow to find dad in the vegetable garden. Dad is going to build a scarecrow, but first he is going to check what is taking mom so long with the eggs. Meanwhile Anka is left to look after the garden and water the tomatoes.

Water the Tomatoes

Pick up the gloves by the wheelbarrow and use them on the shrubs by the well. Keep clicking until you find the wheel for the wheelbarrow. Put the wheel back on the wheelbarrow, then pick up the wheelbarrow to put it by the tree with the sign on it. The sign has a coded message.

You get another mini game. First you have to play a traditional game of memory in which you have to find pairs of blocks with identical groups of letters. This gives you a scrambled message. To unscramble, keep swapping two blocks until you have found the message. Whenever a block is in the right place, the letters will be fixed in place. The message says: "Search under some rocks for the key". You will find the key to the shed under the large flagstone outside the shed.

In the shed is a range of objects. Right now you can only pick up the shovel and the bucket. Use the shovel on the molehill in the grass and find a bone. Pick it up.

Riddle: the human skeleton is made up of 206 bones.

Take the bone to Titus the dog in the previous screen. He will go into his house to eat it and reveal a coil of rope. Get the rope and take it to the well. Then put the bucket on the rope and use it to get water for the tomatoes. There are 3 beds of tomatoes to water.

Build the Scarecrow

Anka can’t wait any longer and decides to build the scarecrow himself. Click on the stick in the ground. You need to shorten it. Go back to the house and take the axe that’s by the house and use it on the stick. Pick up the bit of the stick that falls off and try and fix it to the stick in the ground (as arms for the scarecrow). It won’t hold, so you need to find something to secure it. Go into the shed and take the shoelaces out of the shoes. Use these on the two sticks and the basic frame is there!

Now get the old coat out of the shed and put it on the sticks. You will find a lighter in the pocket. Use it on the fire by the fence. Then put the fire out with water from the well and get some charcoal.

Go back to the house and get straw from the chicken coop. Stuff the coat with the straw. Then go back into the shed and use the charcoal on the pumpkin to get a head. Get the pumpkin and put it on the scarecrow. Finally, get the hat from the shed and put it on the scarecrow.

Rescue Marcus

As soon as the scarecrow is finished, you hear a scream coming from the lake. Take the east path to the lake. Someone is lying unconscious, but you can’t get to him as he’s surrounded by wasps. Go back to the shed and get the honey from the shed. Take it to the lake and break it on the rocks in the foreground.

Riddle: a queen bee lays 11500 eggs in a lifetime.

Most of the wasps are lured away by the honey, but when you click on the unconscious man again, you still can’t get to him. You need a weapon. Click on the chest in the boathouse. It’s tied shut with straps. Get the pieces of the broken honey jar and use the piece with the lid on the chest. Get the fly swatter from the chest and use it on the remaining wasps.

You get another mini game in which you have to knock the wasps off the board by sliding your discs against theirs. You win when you knock all the wasps off the board. First to win 4 rounds wins the game.

Wake up the unconscious man with the stinky boots from the shed. The man wakes up but he needs food. Give him the sandwich and apple from the tree trunk. The man turns out to be Marcus, the neighbour. He tells you he was falsely imprisoned for having stolen goods in his house. He escaped from prison to warn your parents that they’re after them too. He needs to go into hiding and get away quick, so you need to fix dad’s boat so he can escape.

Fix the Boat

Get the pulley from the chest and the rope from the well. Put the pulley and then the rope on the rope that’s tied around the tree. Then get the oil can from the shed to loosen the rusted up pulley. Then pull the rope to get the boat out of the water.

Get the leather patch from the chest. Put it on the hole in the boat and a frog appears. Click on the frog. You will get another mini game in which you have to get a frog through a maze to a stone. He will keep moving until he hits a wall. See mini games below for the puzzle solutions.

Pick up the frog and use it on the hole in the boat. Then put the remainder of the honey on the boat. The frog will lick the wasps. You can then stick the leather patch to the hole. Tell Marcus the boat’s ready and he will sail off. There’s nothing left to do here so go back one screen.

What Happened to Mom?

Anka’s parents have never been away this long and Anka is getting worried. He wants to go to town to find out what happened. Leave the screen by taking the path south. You will get to a bridge with Anka’s mom’s egg basket and lots of broken eggs. Pick up the basket and go east into town.

You talk to the sheriff and he tells you that Anka’s mother was arrested for murder! What’s more, his father is still missing. You need to find Anka’s father. The barrel in the alleyway has a piece of bread. Pick it up. The hotel owner in the house on the right knows nothing. The doctor’s office is cordoned off with police signs. Go east to the next screen.

The store owner in the next part of town also knows nothing about Anka’s father. The alleyway between the houses has a stick. Pick it up. Release the bird in the cage in the fountain by making the masks on the fountain look the same as the masks in the sign on the hotel.

Now go back to the bridge. Anka can’t find his father and you will get a cut scene where he talks to the sheriff again. Anka vows to find evidence to prove that his mom is innocent.

Talk to the hotel owner again. She will testify that Anka’s mom had come to town to sell eggs. She also tells you she lost her cat. There is now a sign on the wall about a missing cat. Click on it for a mini game. In this game you get set of blocks with parts of a picture on them. There are 2 of each block, but in each level there is only 1 block of which there is only 1. There are 6 levels. After this you get a jigsaw-type puzzle in which you have to put the image back together.

Go back to the east screen and find a knife on the ground by the fountain. Take the knife to the bridge. There is now a rope with a hook hanging from the tree. Cut it with the knife. Put the rope and the stick together to get a fishing rod. However, before you can fish you need to find bait. The bird you released is now on the tree. Click on it and an apple falls from the tree. It’s got worms in it. Cut it with the knife to get to the worms. Put the worm on the fishing rod and throw the bread in the water. Use the fishing rod on the fish in the water by the bridge.

When you’ve caught your fish, go back to the fountain. You can hear the cat. Click on the leaves of the tree until you’ve found it. Use the fish on the cat and get the cat. Take it back to the hotel owner. She gives you an old camera as a reward. You need to get some film for it. Ask the shopkeeper in the next screen. He will give you a mini game in which you need to memorize a number of items and then pick them from a large group of items later. He will give you the film for the camera as a reward.

To find evidence that mom is innocent, take pictures of the blood outside the doctor’s office, the footprints by the bridge and the broken eggs by the bridge. You then need to cast the footprints in plaster. Use your knife to cut the bags of plaster on the cart by the fountain and collect plaster in the egg basket. Go back to the bridge and dip the basket in the water. Then pour the plaster on the footprints and get the cast.

Go back into town. You will now see a discarded boot in the alleyway next to the doctor’s. Put the cast on the boot. Then talk to the hotel owner again. She will testify that the boot belongs to a guest in her hotel. Go back to the bridge. You will find a broken piece of glass by the tree. Bring it to the shop keeper. He tells you it’s a piece of a broken monocle. This is interesting as he just sold a new monocle to a stranger staying at the hotel.

You now have all the evidence you need. Talk to the sheriff. To explain why mom was in town, select 1) the egg basket and 2) the testimony from the hotel owner.

To show evidence of a fight by the bridge, select 1) the basket, 2) the picture of the broken eggs and 3) the broken monocle.

When the sheriff goes to get the witness, who happens to wear a monocle, mom talks to you from prison. Click on the barred windows. She tells you she was on her way to town and the next thing she knows was she was in jail and had a bump on the back of her head. The only thing she saw was the doctor looking through the window.

The sheriff arrives with the witness, who explains he saw a woman stab the doctor in the doctor’s office. He then knocked her out by punching her in the face. Select mom’s testimony as evidence. Then select the picture of the blood on the street.

For the next bit of evidence, select 1) the hotel keeper’s testimony, 2) the boot and 3) the cast of the footprint.

Finally, select 1) the broken glass, 2) mom’s testimony, 3) the picture of the blood and 4) the shopkeeper’s evidence.

Sabotage the Gallows

Mom is freed, but dad is still missing! And the only person who may know where he is is going to be hanged. Anka needs to put a stop to this. Go back to town and talk to the murderer behind bars. He will only tell you what he knows if you sabotage the gallows for him, so he can get off.

To sabotage the gallows, you need to remove the front panel with a screwdriver. On the gallows is a pair of pliers, which doesn’t work. Talk to the shopkeeper about the screwdriver. He will lend you a screwdriver if you get the bird back into the cage. In the alleyway by the shop is now a bow and arrow. Pick them up and put them together.

Go back one screen and you’ll see the bird. Talk to the hotel keeper. She wants you to water her flowers. Go into the alleyway by the hotel and get a leaky gourd from the barrel. Go back to the hotel keeper and she’ll give you a needle to fix it. Go back to the fountain and pop the balloon with the needle. The kid who owns the balloon isn’t happy and takes your needle! Pick up the string and go back one screen.

Click on the cat and he’ll chase away the bird. Go back to the fountain. The kid got a new balloon, but it flew off into the tree, with a toy attached to it! He’ll give you back your needle if you get his toy. Shooting at it with the bow and arrow doesn’t work. You first need to take off the sucker with the pliers. Shoot at the balloon and you will get another mini game, in which you have to shoot a number of balloons with an arrow. This one is quite tricky as you need to aim the arrow at just the right angle and speed to bypass obstacles and hit the balloons.

After you shoot the balloon the toy will drop down. Pick it up and you will get the needle back. Put the needle and thread together and fix the gourd. Then fill the gourd with water and take it back to the planter outside the hotel. The hotel owner gives you some seeds to catch the bird. The bird is perched on the gallows. Put the seeds in the cage and pull the lever on the gallows to scare it away. It’ll go into the cage. Close the cage and go back to the shopkeeper. He will give you the screwdriver.

Use the screwdriver on the panel on the gallows. Click on the hole and get a new mini game. Talk to the prisoner again and he will tell you that your dad was last seen in the mines of Tulia.

Train Tickets

Talk to the train driver at the station. He will let you ride to Tulia for free if you help him with some chores. First up you need to help him with getting the luggage on the train. This is another mini game. You need to pass 3 levels to continue (for puzzle solutions see mini games below).

Once you’re on the train, your first job is to collect tickets from 4 passengers. The first old lady will just give it to you. But she asks you to bring her a cup of tea.

The second passenger has lost his ticket. You’ll find it in the overhead compartment at the far right.

Go to the next wagon and you’ll get the third ticket from the next passenger. You’ll also meet the mean kid with the balloon again. He will give you his ticket if you answer his riddle. The answer is 5c.

Make Tea

Go into the next wagon to give the tickets to the train driver. There you can also make a cup of tea. Get the hook from the side of the stove and lift the lid. Then put the wood logs that are in the tray on the floor into the stove. Click on the stove again and it will tell you you need to borrow a lighter from a passenger to light it.

Go back to the previous wagon. The passenger with the lighter wants a newspaper before you can borrow it. Go back to the kitchen and get a newspaper from the top right cupboard. Give it to the passenger with the lighter and use the lighter to light the stove.

The kettle is in the top cupboard on the far left. Fill it with water and put it on the stove. The cups are in the second cupboard from the right. Teabags are in the bottom right cupboard. When the water boils put the water in the cup and then add the tea bag. Take it back to the lady in the first wagon.


Another passenger wants a newspaper, however, when you get it for him from the kitchen, 10 pages are missing. You have to find them all. They are:

  • On the wall.
  • Behind the ironing board.
  • In the log tray. This one is crumpled and you need to iron it by putting it on the ironing board. Then you need to get the iron from the bottom left cupboard and heat it on the stove, then put the hot iron on the page.
  • Under a towel in the bottom left cupboard.
  • Under a pan in the middle bottom cupboard.
  • Inside the oven.
  • Middle wagon, behind curtain.
  • Middle wagon, behind the suitcase in the third overhead compartment from the left.
  • Middle wagon, in suitcase in second overhead compartment from the right.
  • Middle wagon, on shelves on the left wall. This one is shredded and you need to piece it together again in a mini game.

When you have all 10 paper pieces give the paper to the passenger. Go back to the kitchen.


The train driver will ask you to make a pizza for the passengers. 1) Get the rolling pin from the top left cupboard and use it on the dough. 2) Get a can of tomatoes from the bottom right cupboard and 3) open it with the can opener from the third top cupboard from the left. 4) Pour the tomatoes on the pizza. 5) Pick up the cheese. 6) Pick up the cheese grater. 7) Grate the cheese and put it on the pizza. 8) Get the jar of olives from the second cupboard on the left and put those on the pizza.

9) Get a flat pan from the middle bottom cupboard by pushing the other pans aside. 10) Put the pizza on it, put it in the oven and close the door. 11) When it’s done, open the oven door. 12) Get an oven mitt from the second cupboard on the right and 13) get the pizza out of the oven. 14) Then get the pizza slicer from the third cupboard on the left and cut the pizza.

You will get another mini game in which you have to slice a pizza in 7 pieces, each with 1 olive, using only three straight lines.

When you’re done, you get another mini game, which is standard Mahjongg.


You get off the train in Tulia, and the annoying kid is still there! His uncle is the farrier in Tulia. There is nothing to do in the first screen so go east to the mine. Click on the mine and talk to the cowboy who’s guarding it. You need to distract him. Shake the bush with the berries until all the berries have fallen off and go back to the first screen.

Click on the paint bucket by the wall and the annoying kid talks to you again. You challenge him to a game of marbles. Go back to the mine and click on the marbles game for a marble popper mini game. After the game, get the stick from the marbles box. Then go to the previous screen and get the bucket of paint. Mix it with the red berries. Then paint the gate where the bull is red. The bull charges at it and breaks free.

Go back to the mine and talk to the cowboy. He’ll run off to catch his bull. Use the stick from the marbles box to put the cart the right way up. Unfortunately, the wheel falls off. It’s broken. Pick it up and go back to the first screen, where the farrier is now open. Go in.

Talk to the farrier. He will fix the wheel if you help him with some chores. First you need to fill the trough outside. Get the bucket from the farrier’s place and go back to the mine. There is a tap there, but the pipe is broken. Fix the pipe by playing a mini game in which you need to rotate pipe pieces until all open ends connect. The pieces will turn gray when all its openings are connected. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in the right place. The patterns seem to be randomized, so I can’t give solutions in this walkthrough.

When you’re done, fill the bucket and go back to fill the trough.

The next chore is to fetch all the horse shoes. There are 5 in total. Three are on the barrel inside the farrier’s. One is on the floor behind the large cartwheel. Get 3 iron bars from the box to the right and take them to the mine. You need to put the bars in the holes on the mine wall to get to the last horseshoe. Go back to the farrier and he will give you your wheel.

Inside the Mine

While you’re at the farrier, get the hacksaw that’s dangling from the ledge below the fire. Go back to the mine and fix the wheel on the cart. Open the gate by sawing through the lock with the hacksaw. Roll the cart inside. The next puzzle is a circular jigsaw. Rotate the rings until they make an image. When they’re in the correct spot they will be fixed in position.

The mine is too dark to see anything. You can pick up the pickaxe, however, and use it on the ruby sticking from the wall. You have to try twice before it comes loose. Pick up the pieces of axe and the ruby. You will get a classic match three mini game.

Go back to the farrier and pick up the white rag that’s hanging from the wall. Wrap it around the handle of the broken pickaxe to make a torch and light it. Go back to the mine. There is a piece of paper on the floor with half a code on it. The other half is in the helmet on the wall. Put the two together to get a code. Then click on the door with the chain on it.

You will get a code breaker game. It’s not as straightforward as it looks – you can’t just type in the code on the paper. The number 1 is in the second position of the code, so the first number to type in is 2. The number 2 is fourth in the code, so the second number to type is 4 etc. The final code is 24153.

Behind the door is a crate. Use the top of the broken pickaxe to open it. Inside is a stick of dynamite. Put the dynamite between the bars on the left wall and then light it with the torch. Inspect the hole in the wall and find Anka’s dad! He’s very ill and you need to go for help. The kid will take Anka to the Gemuck village. Their medicine man may be able to help dad.

Gemuck Village

The Gemuck village is in turmoil. Someone stole the eye from their totem pole. They caught the culprit but don’t have the eye. What’s more, the medicine man can only help you when you become one of them. To do this you need to pass 4 challenges and collect 4 reward feathers as evidence. The challenges are hidden throughout the village, so you have to find them first!

First pick up the axe from the right and throw it at the target. Behind the target is a horseshoe. Pick it up and use it on the middle tent, in the background. Inside the tent you get a puzzle where you have to move black horses to the right and white to the left. They can only jump one horse at a time. Follow the following steps:

  • Move one white horse left.
  • Move the first and second black horse to the right.
  • Move all three white horses left.
  • Move all three black horses right.
  • Move all white horses left again.
  • Move the last two black horses right.
  • Move the last white horse left.

Above the door of the big round tent is a triangle. Pick it up and place it on the tent on the far right. Inside the tent is a tangram puzzle. See mini games below for solutions. Get your second feather.

Click on the rabbit hole on the left. The Indian girl will ask you to find the rabbit. It’s in the clouds in the sky. Click on it. Then click on the rabbit hole again to get a picture of the totem pole. Use it on the tent on the left. Slide the tiles in the mini game to get a picture and get your third feather.

Finally, there is a blue bug on the rocks behind the rabbit hole (it’s very small, look carefully). Pick it up and use it on the box lying on the ground to the right. In this mini game you need to slide the hole in the middle wall up and down to let bugs through until all red bugs are in the red area and all blue bugs in the blue area.

When you have your 4 feathers, talk to the medicine man in the round tent. You need to pass a final test, which is a tricky 3D puzzle. You need to rotate the cloud of images until they al fall together and become one picture. A tip is to focus on something you can recognize, like a face. Piece the bits of the face together and the rest should fall in place around it.

You get the cure for Anka’s dad. There is one last thing you need to do. They captured the Duke, who stole the totem’s eye and who was also behind everything that happened to Anka’s parents. He will explain to you why he did everything he did. But he’s sold the ruby that was the totem’s eye. Fortunately, you still have the ruby from the mine. Put it on the totem pole. Finally, everyone can go home!

The End!

Mini games


The images were too small and full to number the steps in the eggs games. However, you should be fine if you carefully look at the arrows. Generally there is only one arrow you can follow after completing a step.

Level 1

Level 2

In figure D, first follow the yellow arrows, then the red.

Level 3

In figure B, first follow the red arrows, then the yellow, then the blue.

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

In image D, first follow the yellow arrows, then the red.

Level 9

Level 10

In figure E, first follow the yellow arrows, then the red.

In figure H, first follow the yellow arrows, then the red.

In figure J, first follow the yellow arrows, then the red.

Secret Sentence

Sentence 1: Search under some rocks for the key

Sentence 2: We must save the planet from pollution

Sentence 3: Ovo is a great webcam based game


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10


Level 2

Level 3

In figure B, step 10 is the continuation of step 5.

Level 4

In figure D, step 7 is the continuation of step 1.

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

In figure C, step 8 is the continuation of step 1. In figure D, step 5 is the reverse of step 2.

Level 11

In figure B, step 3 is the reverse of step 1. In figure C, step 7 is the reverse of step 1.

Level 12

Level 13

In figure A, step 8 is the reverse of step 3.

In figure F, step 4 is the reverse of step 1, and step 6 is the continuation of step 2.

Level 14












Pyramid Eye







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