Animus Harbinger Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Animus Harbinger is the latest action role-playing game from 10Birds. It seeks to expand on its predecessor Animus Stand Alone by refining gameplay to look and feel more like Dark Souls than ever before. Except Animus Harbinger is mobile allowing you to take on the biggest and baddest bosses on the go, if you have internet connection of course.

  • It’s just like Dark Souls. Any individual who has ever played Dark Souls knows the challenge of fighting bosses who are at least double your size. Not to mention the enemies you face aren’t always strictly human. Well, the same applies to Animus Harbinger, it requires the same level of caution that is engrained into any Dark Souls player.

Animus Harbinger

  • Stand back and watch. Whenever you meet an enemy that’s health bar is a similar size to your own, you should first stand back and watch before attacking. This will allow you to learn the most common moves the enemy does and should show you when it’s the best time to attack. Each boss has its own moves so it’s worth your time to observe before getting stuck in. Remember that it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to observe every single move the boss does, but treating bosses with caution is the right way to go.

Animus Harbinger

  • Don’t go blow for blow. I know this is extremely tempting, especially when the bosses health bar is nearly empty, but don’t get suckered in. Normally, in the bosses final stage they are the most lethal, so don’t just stand there swinging, keep up the same technique you’ve been doing the entire fight. It’s a silly way to lose a lot of health trying to remove the smallest amount of a boss.
  • Know your attack range. I’ve been preaching a lot of distance and caution, but one thing you’ll need to remember is that your attack range isn’t far. So staying really far away is a sure way to never deal with any true damage to your opponent. In order to give massive damage, you’re going to want to be in close proximity to the boss at all times. This means when the enemy overextends, you’ll be right there to counter-attack.

Animus Harbinger

  • Dodge to stay alive. Enemies in this game telegraph their moves, so your timing of the dodge button has never been more crucial. You’ve got to have your mind set up to doge first and then attack later. This will ensure your survival as no boss battle is ever over quickly unless you are the one to die.
  • Lock on and lock off. When you aren’t fighting bosses, you’ll be warding off hordes of enemies as you make your way through the wasteland. This is problematic as you may not always lock onto the enemy closest to you, which means when you attack, you’ll swing right past your intended target. So before attacking you should press the grey button to switch your focus, if you need to buy yourself time then dodge away from the enemies.

Animus Harbinger

  • Don’t just button mash. At the bottom of the screen, certain combinations appear which do massive damage. So instead of always pressing the heavy attack, try and perform some combos to remove your opponent’s health as quickly as possible.
  • Be vigilant. Sometimes mid-boss fight you’ll land a devastating blow that staggers your opponent. A red sword icon will appear above their head which indicates you should attack them. You don’t have long, but you should take a second and position yourself right in front of your enemy and look right at them. This will ensure you land another major blow ensuring that a massive amount of the enemy’s health is removed.

Now there is a lot more I could say with regards to ensuring that boss fights don’t last forever, as well as how to gather more loot besides farming but, I think I’ll leave that up to you to find out. All I will say is don’t forget to check the forge and do as many side quests as possible.

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