Anime Rarities Mentors – How to Get Mentor Tokens

Our Anime Rarities Mentors guide goes over what mentors are, the buffs they provide when equipped, and how to obtain Mentor Tokens.

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Can’t work out what Anime Rarities Mentors are? It took me a while to obtain my first one, and even longer to figure out what they were. To save you time, read this guide!

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Anime Rarities Mentors

Mentors are shrouded in mystery at the moment. They’re one of the latest features to be added to the game, but it’s tricky to learn about them without obtaining a Mentor for yourself first!

What are Mentors?

Think of Mentors as an extra accessory. When equipped, they float next to your shoulder, and grant you buffs! Every Mentor’s buffs differ depending on their rarity, but they can give your luck and an overall DMG a decent boost. For example, the Oldman Mentor (Epic rarity) provides +115% Luck and +5 DMG. Mentors are essentially an additional way to buff your character, alongside accessories and luck potions.

How to Obtain Mentors

To get a Mentor, you first need a Mentor Token to craft a Mentor’s chest. You can craft individual Mentor chests or bundles of 10, 25, 100 and 100K. Now comes the difficult part: obtaining a Mentor Token in the first place.

With a 10% drop rate chance, Mentor Tokens can only be acquired via the Shiza boss in Slime Village. Considering 10% isn’t extremely low, I struggled to even obtain 1 Mentor Token when AFK farming the fight for almost an hour.

Once you do eventually get a Mentor Token, you can use it to craft a Mentor Chest by walking into the wooden building behind the Shiza boss. Step on the glowing blue circle with ‘Mentors’ floating above, and interact with the pop-up to craft.

You can then open the chest to roll for a random Mentor! Apparently, the amount of chests you open together can alter your luck, but I haven’t been able to confirm this myself just yet.

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