Anime Crossover Defense Trait Tier List – Top Traits

Our Anime Crossover Defense Trait Tier List ranks every trait in the game from S-tier to D-tier. Which trait is our top pick?

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Before you spend your Crystal Helixes, take a look at our Anime Crossover Defense trait tier list. There’s nothing worse than wasting in-game currency that you’ve grinded for!

To check your current traits, visit the official Roblox page for the game! We also have an Anime Crossover Defense Tier List that ranks every unit in the game from best to worst too.

Anime Crossover Defense Trait Tier List

Now that you know all about the Anime Crossover Defense Traits from our previous guide, it’s time to find out which traits are the best!

S Tier

The strongest traits to roll for a unit in Anime Crossover Defense! They have multiple buffs, but they’re also the rarest in the game.

  • Omnipotent (Impossible rarity)
    • 140% DMG
    • 10% speed
    • 10% range
  • Doppelganger (Impossible rarity)
    • 25% range
    • 50% DMG
    • 10% speed
    • Extra placement
    • Costs are lowered by 10%

A Tier

With a range of buffs for your unit, these traits are worth keeping around. Don’t bother rerolling for an Impossible rarity trait if you get any of these, as these traits are just as good!

  • CEO (Impossible rarity)
    • 40% range
    • 10% speed
    • 20% DMG
    • Gains more coins (by 30%)
    • Costs are lowered by 25%
  • Nanomachines (Mythical)
    • 15% range
    • 25% DMG
    • 15% speed

B Tier

These traits aren’t the strongest to equip your units with, but they’ll do. It’s up to you if you want to risk a reroll, but you might as well.

  • Innovator (Mythical)
    • 25% range
    • Gains more coins (by 25%)
    • Costs are lowered by 10%
    • 10% speed
  • Radiant (Legendary)
    • 25% DMG
  • Hawkeye (Legendary)
    • 50% range

C Tier

All of the traits in this tier are 100% worth a reroll. If one of your best units has one of these traits, save up your Crystal Helixes!

  • Lightspeed (Mythical)
    • 25% speed
    • Lacklustre considering it’s a Mythical rarity trait
  • Super Sonic (Legendary)
    • 15% speed
  • Strength (Legendary)
    • 10% DMG
  • Speed (Legendary)
    • 10% speed

D Tier

If you roll any of these traits, reroll immediately (if you can).

  • Range (Rare)
    • 5% range
  • Strength (Rare)
    • 5% DMG
  • Speed (Rare)
    • 5% speed

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