Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update — Your guide to gardening

Maybe the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp developers simply aren’t cold weather people. That would explain why the big December update to Nintendo’s popular mobile game focuses on gardening, which is simply a pipe dream for most of us bundled up against the cold.

It’s definitely a pleasant thought to picture flowers sprouting instead of sleet and grey skies, so let’s dive right into how and why you want to tend to your Pocket Camp garden with our handy quick guide.

Where’s my garden, anyway?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

An excellent question! Turns out your campsite has some unused land off to the left. Just walk on over there and you’ll find your garden, which initially has enough room to grow 20 plants at any given time.

How to start planting … um, plants

The first thing you’ll want to do is talk to Lloid, the Gyroid fellow who apparently just hangs out in your garden around the clock. He’ll teach you the basics of planting, which simply involves tapping on an empty garden plot and picking a seed type from any you have available.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Each type of seed has its own growing time before it sprouts. You can simply wait and come back later (just tap on any plant to see how long it will take) or speed things up with the help of Flower Food. Each bag of Flower Food speeds up the growth time by 30 minutes, and if you are all out of it and still want to move things along, you can get Lloid to reduce the time by an hour by giving him one Leaf Ticket.

How to harvest your flowers

Once you see your flowers in bloom, simply return to the garden and tap on them to harvest them. One tap on the flower and another on the ‘Harvest’ button will do the trick.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Why bother with all this in the first place? Well, besides just being something new and different to do in Pocket Camp, you can trade the flowers you harvest to Lloid in exchange for decorative items for your campsite. There is already a wide range of items available in this fashion, and you can be sure more will be added over time.

The wonders of cross-pollination

As an alternative to harvesting, you can choose to cross-pollinate a finished flower by using flowers you’ve already harvested — which you will lose in the process, so keep that in mind. Simply tap on any flower that is ready to harvest but follow that by tapping ‘X-Pollinate’ instead of ‘Harvest.’

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

You’ll then see a list of the flowers you have on hand and be able to choose one of them to attempt to produce rare new seeds. For example, we cross-pollinated an orange tulip with a red tulip to produce rare pink tulip seeds. The nice thing is that the flowers still in the ground can then be harvested as normal after cross-pollination, so you only lose the one from your inventory.

That should be all you need to be on your way to a great garden. Enjoy getting that thumb green, and remember, spring IRL isn’t that far away.

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