Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide – Managing Your Campsite Amenities

The main goal in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is to befriend animal campers and invite them to visit your personal Campsite. You do this by completing their requests and crafting the furniture they like. Even though every animal in the …

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The main goal in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is to befriend animal campers and invite them to visit your personal Campsite. You do this by completing their requests and crafting the furniture they like. Even though every animal in the game can be invited to your Camp by level seven at the latest (assuming you’ve met their other requirements), you can continue improving your friendships and boost them to level 20 max. To do so, you’ll need to build Amenities.

Amenities vs. Furniture


Both Amenities and Furniture are crafted by ordering them from Cyrus in the game’s Crafting menu (between Items and Map on the main toolbar). Furniture includes items that animals request, like chairs, tables, bookcases, etc. which can be freely arranged in the two central sections of your Campsite. Furniture is used to attract animals for their initial invitation, but is otherwise merely decorative.


Amenities are the large tents and other structures that are placed in the back portion of your Campsite behind the furniture sections via the tent icon. You begin the game with the Basic Tent Amenity. Other Amenities can be built by opening the Crafting menu and tapping on the tent icon on the far right side of the top toolbar (just right of the shirt icon). Amenities are much more expensive than most pieces of Furniture, requiring a large number of Essences and resources—often Cotton—to build, as well as up to multiple days’ of crafting time before they are complete.

What do Amenities do?


So why spend all those resources and Bells on a single item? Amenities have two major benefits: the first is that when the crafting time on an Amenity is over and the structure is ready to reveal, the animals currently at your Campsite will attend the unveiling party and gain +5 friendship points. (Note: these are friendship points, not levels. If an animal is level eight and requires four points to reach the next level, they would hit level nine after the unveiling, not level 13.)

The more important benefit is Amenities’ ability to raise your animals’ max friendship level. At the beginning of the game, level seven is the highest level of friendship you can reach with any animal. Earning friendship points beyond level seven will have no effect until you begin building Amenities.


There is a specific Amenity for each type of animal—Cool, Cute, Natural, and Sporty. Building the Cool Tent will permanently increase the level cap for all Cool animals to 10, the Cute tent raises it to 10 for Cute animals, etc.

There are also three stages of Amenity for each type, with each stage increasing the maximum level cap further. The Tree Swing can be built once you’ve crafted the Cute Tent and upgraded it three times, and the Swing increases the maximum friendship level for Cute animals to 15. Once you upgrade the Tree Swing five times, you can build the Merry-Go-Round, which will bump the Cute level cap to its highest point at 20.

Each upgrade or new Amenity stage costs more resources and time, but each also counts as an unveiling which awards friendship points to your Campsite visitors. Visitors do not have to match the Amenity type to receive points from attending the unveiling.

What’s the Benefit of Raising Animals’ Level Caps?


Animals begin giving out larger amounts of resource rewards for requests at level 10. Where an animal might have previously given you two Steel per request, at level 10 they’ll start giving five Steel. This increase adds up quickly, especially if you work on improving friendships with all your animals and are getting extra items for every request.

Animals also have unique items that can only be earned by building their friendship to higher levels. Although the exact level varies between animals, most have a special request at level 10 or 15 that unlocks a unique craftable item, such as the Billiard Table or Cat Tower, which cannot be created or purchased until you’ve achieved that friendship level. And every animal gives you a portrait of themselves at friendship level 20.

Amenity Logistics


Unlike Furniture—which has up to three available crafting slots—only one Amenity can ever be crafted at a time. When you order an Amenity, Cyrus will ask you to choose the spot you want it built at your actual Campsite. He will then put up a pink and blue construction tarp that will remain in place until the construction is complete.

Although you have to pick a spot for construction, once an Amenity is built you can move it or replace it with another Amenity. You can even put your Amenities away and leave the back area of the camp empty, although you cannot use this space for anything else (you’ll never be able to put Furniture there). Just like Furniture, animals at your Campsite will use your Amenities, hanging out in the Tents, playing on the Tree Swing, snacking at the Picnic Set, etc.

Once you’ve built an Amenity, its benefits are permanently unlocked. You’ll have the max level cap increase even if you put the Amenity away or upgrade it. The increase affects every animal of that personality type, even if they are not at your Campsite or have never been invited.


Which Amenities should I build?

Ideally as you progress through the game, you’ll build every single Amenity. It will take a lot of time and resources, but it’s the only way to “100%” the game in any capacity since it’s required to raise animals’ friendships beyond the initial max.

Assuming you have the necessary resources to build any of the Amenities, we recommend starting with the type that you have the highest friendship levels with. For instance, if you have a lot of Cool animals that are at max friendship or close to it, focus on the Cool Tent. You can see an animal’s personality type by viewing their profile in the Contacts tab and scrolling down to their “Preferred Theme.”


After the first Amenity and bonus is received, look at your remaining friends, pick the next theme that is most maxed out, and build it. Continue this process until you’ve built all four of the initial Amenities, then repeat it for upgrades, and so on.

Just like Furniture, you get to choose when to accept an Amenity once it’s completed by entering the Crafting menu and tapping on it. Before accepting a finished Amenity, make sure the animals at your Campsite will benefit from the +5 friendship points for the unveiling: if you have maxed animals, send them home and invite animals that can use the extra points, then proceed with the reveal.

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