Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide – How to Use the Market Box


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the first mobile entry in Nintendo’s long-running simulation series. As in previous Animal Crossing games, players will be tasked with collecting bugs, fish, and fruit and then delivering them to animal requesters in exchange for rewards and improved friendships.

While interaction with other players in Pocket Camp is a bit limited, one area you share socially is the Market Box. This tool lets you sell unwanted items to others and purchase their listed goods. We’ve gathered the technical details of the Market Box, and our recommendations for using it, below.

How to access your Market Box


If you want to list items for sale in your own Market Box, there are two ways to do so. You can either tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the screen (above Isabelle’s face icon) and then tap the box icon that is second from the left. This opens your Market Box directly and shows you everything you currently have up for sale. To list a new item, just tap an empty box (or tap a full box and remove what’s already there), then select the item you want to sell, the quantity, and price. This is also where you go to collect money from sold items by tapping any boxes with players’ faces in them.

You can also put goods up for sale from your Items menu. When viewing an item in your Collected Items section, choose “List for Sale” to be taken to the Market Box listing menu that requests quantity and price. Note that you can only sell Collected Items—fish, bugs, fruit, shells—in the Market Box, not crafting materials, furniture or clothing (these latter two can be sold at the Market Place where the Able Sisters hang out). You must also list them for at least double their direct selling price, so an item that you can sell for 10 Bells outright will have to be listed for at least 20 Bells in your Market Box.

How to access other players’ Market Boxes


When you want to buy items from other players, there are two ways to do so. The first is simply meeting a player at one of your islands: random players will appear along with animal campers every three hours. Upon speaking to them, you can view their Market Box and purchase from it right then and there.

You can also access your friends’ Market Boxes at any time by visiting their campsite and speaking to them there. If you open that same hamburger menu and choose the friends icon (just right of the Market Box button), you’ll open your friends menu. Anyone you have befriended will be listed here and tapping on their name will show you the first four items of their Market Box. If you choose “Visit Friend” at the bottom of this box, you’ll head to their campsite where you can then buy from their Box.

You can also visit anyone who has sent you a Kudos via the “Kudos From” menu just right of the friends tab and buy from them, even if you are not friends yet.

Tips on finding items from other players


If you’re trying to hunt down a specific item, going to all your friends’ campsites can become time-consuming. The first thing to note is the box icon on your friends list: if there is an apple icon on it, that friend has items listed in their Box. If this icon is empty, they do not have anything up for sale, so there’s no reason to even check their page.

Note the last login time on the friends list as well, displayed just below their Box icon. If you checked someone’s Box a few hours ago and they haven’t logged in since, there’s no reason to check again.


Next, once you view a friend’s page before visiting them, keep in mind that the Market Box only lists their first four items for sale. If there are two items and two empty boxes, then that friend only has those two items for sale. There’s no need to visit them to see the rest of their Box, as it will be empty. (Of course, if you want one of those items, you’ll need to go to their camp to buy it.)

If there are four items listed, however, there’s a good chance that friend has even more available beyond what the details page displays.


Finally, when you actually head to someone’s campsite to purchase from them, you don’t have to physically walk all the way over to their avatar to access their items. After the “Camp host: …” cloud disappears, just tap on their character from your spot next to your camper and their dialogue options should pop up. This saves a little time, especially if you’re visiting multiple campsites in a row.

What should I sell in my Market Box?

This is really up to you and what your inventory situation is, but we recommend putting up groups of Common items for as cheap as possible. We view the Market Box less as a way to make Bells—there are better and more consistent ways to do that elsewhere—and more as a way to free up inventory space and help your friends.

You don’t want to list anything for sale that you can’t live without, since items in the Market Box cannot be recovered once they are listed. We usually keep a variety of Common fish, bugs, fruit, and shells on hand because when we’re searching friends’ shops, that’s usually what we’re trying to find. There have been a number of days where every animal in our game wanted two Pears, and having friends with Pears in their shop saved us a lot of Fertilizer.

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