Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide – How to Craft Christmas Decorations

The latest update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp brought holiday cheer along with it, in the form of Santa clothing and wintry decorations for your Campsite. If you’ve been hiring Cyrus and Reese to craft furniture then you already know …

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The latest update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp brought holiday cheer along with it, in the form of Santa clothing and wintry decorations for your Campsite. If you’ve been hiring Cyrus and Reese to craft furniture then you already know the gist of how to get your hands on these new items. However, there are a few special requirements to be aware of and optimal ways to craft so you can collect all the holiday furniture as soon as possible.

Earn Candy Canes


The first step toward crafting the holiday decorations is to collect Candy Canes. Candy Canes are a new crafting material introduced with this event: they are like Wood, Steel, Cotton, etc. except that they are only used to craft the holiday furniture. You don’t actually need any other crafting material except Candy Canes to make these items, so if you’ve been saving up Cotton for a new Amenity, feel free to build it.

Complete Isabelle’s Timed Goals: There are a number of new Timed Goals available as of today. They appear in the standard list of Timed Goals—accessible by tapping on Isabelle’s face icon in the upper-right side of the screen—beneath your three daily goals. The holiday Timed Goals are each listed as an “Event Challenge” with a pink banner and have a time limit of 25 days, so they do not need to be completed right away (and many will take at least a few days to finish). Some of these Goals award Leaf Tickets, but the majority give either Santa clothing or Candy Canes.


Fulfill requests for animals: Two of Isabelle’s new Event Challenge Timed Goals award Candy Canes just for completing animals’ requests: if you complete 13 requests—which is easily doable in a single 3-hour rotation—you’ll earn 60 Candy Canes from these Goals. On top of that, animals will randomly give you Candy Canes in addition to their standard request rewards. So, for example: if you completed a request for Tex, he will give you his usual Bells, Cotton, and then you might get another material (like Wood) and / or Candy Canes. The extra material is random, so if you complete requests and don’t see any Candy Canes pop up, don’t worry—just keep doing requests and you should start receiving them.

The number of Candy Canes you’ll get for a single request seems to range between zero and three. So, if you did all three requests for a camping animal, the max number of Candy Canes you’ll get is nine (and the minimum is zero). Friendship levels may play a role in how often or how many Candy Canes animals hand out: the most we’ve earned so far is five Candy Canes for doing three requests for Angus, who is at level 17 friendship. The fewest was one Candy Cane from a level 12 Charlise, but we also earned three from a level 10 Peewee, so it’s a bit random.

Craft holiday furniture: A number of Isabelle’s Timed Goals award Candy Canes for crafting specific holiday furniture items. If you intend to craft at least one of every item anyway, try to build her requested items first. Use the Candy Canes you earned from completing animals’ requests to make these objects. The items that will give you Candy Canes back—the first time you craft them—are the Jingle Checked Bed, Mountain of Presents, Jingle Checked Sofa, Festive Streetlight, and Jingle Snow Globe. You get most of the Candy Canes spent on building these items back from Isabelle—the Snow Globe and Streetlight, for instance, both cost 100 Candy Canes and award 80—so you’re basically getting a Candy Cane rebate the first time you craft them.


Head to Shovelstrike Quarry: Shovelstrike Quarry has added Candy Canes to its rotation of available winnable materials during the holiday event. The Quarry prize rotates every three hours along with the campers, and you can see what item is currently available by opening the Map and checking the icon floating above the Quarry island. Be sure you ask your friends for help as early as possible after the new day starts so you’ll be able to get in when Candy Canes appear. We visited the Quarry during a Candy Cane reward period and earned 26 Candy Canes, so you can snag a decent number for a single trip.

Check your mailbox: All of the Shovelstrike Quarry and Timed Goal rewards are sent to your mailbox, so be sure to head to your mailbox to actually retrieve your reward. (For Timed Goals rewards to show up in your mailbox, they must be marked “Complete” in the Timed Goals menu first.) Even if you’ve finished a Quarry trip or Timed Goal and earned the Candy Canes, they won’t be available to use for crafting until you physically pick them up from your mailbox.

Crafting the Holiday Items


View the Special crafting category: Once you actually have enough Candy Canes in your possession, crafting the Holiday furniture is fairly straightforward. Open the crafting menu (just right of “Items” on the toolbar) and tap on the icon that looks like a leaf with a sunburst around it. This is where special, limited-time items are listed. Although the holiday objects fit into other categories like rugs, chairs, etc. they can only be accessed through the special item crafting menu.

Once you’ve actually crafted an item, it will appear in the correct category within your owned items list. (So the Jingle Checked Sofa shows up under chairs, the Big Festive Cake is listed under food, etc.)


Holiday item crafting requirements: Each piece of holiday furniture requires only Candy Canes, Bells, and time to complete. You won’t need Essences, Cotton, Sparkle Stones, etc. Below is a list of the available items and their crafting requirements:

  • Jingle Checked Sofa: 20 Candy Canes / 100 Bells / 1 min.
  • Big Festive Cake: 20 Candy Canes / 100 Bells / 1 min.
  • Mountain of Presents: 20 Candy Canes / 100 Bells / 1 min.
  • Jingle Checked Bed: 50 Candy Canes / 300 Bells / 10 min.
  • Jingle Checked Rug: 50 Candy Canes / 300 Bells / 10 min.
  • Jingle Fence: 50 Candy Canes / 300 Bells / 10 min.
  • Jingle Snow Globe: 100 Candy Canes / 500 Bells / 30 min.
  • Festive Bow Tree: 100 Candy Canes / 500 Bells / 30 min.
  • Festive Streetlight: 100 Candy Canes / 500 Bells / 30 min.
  • Festive Fireplace: 300 Candy Canes / 800 Bells / 1 hr.
  • Three-Ball Snowman: 300 Candy Canes / 800 Bells / 1 hr.

You can use Leaf Tickets to make up for missing Candy Canes, but if you complete animal requests regularly, finish Isabelle’s Timed Goals, and visit Shovelstrike Quarry when Candy Canes are available, you should have more than enough to craft all eleven items without spending Leaf Tickets before the event ends on December 25th.

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