Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Fortune Cookies guide

If you’ve logged into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the last week, you’ve probably heard some hullabaloo about Fortune Cookies and been accosted by a small raccoon trying to sell you things. Just another day in the world of Animal Crossing, right? But if you’ve ignored the sales pitch so far, it might still be worth your while to find out what Fortune Cookies are. With Fortune Cookies, new, rare furniture and clothing items become available to you. Maybe you want, for example, an adorable pastry shop in your camp?

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What are Fortune Cookies?

Fortune Cookies are loot boxes. Wait, come back! I know, loot boxes. But Nintendo has had a delicate touch on Pocket Camp by allowing players plenty of opportunities to get Fortune Cookies without paying real money.

Every Fortune Cookie contains a random piece of furniture or clothing from a particular set. Each item has a specified rarity based on how often it appears inside the cookie. If you want to collect a full set of items, you’ll have to go through a lot of Fortune Cookies, because duplicates will happen.

How do I get Fortune Cookies?

There are many ways to get Fortune Cookies. You’ll sometimes receive some as rewards for daily or timed goals, or as login bonuses (there were three available this week). But the main way to get them is by purchasing them from a kiosk in the shop area.

Fortune Cookies cost 50 Leaf Tickets apiece. You can also purchase them for 5000 gold, though only two options for cookies will be available at that cost at a time and they will rotate through. If you’ve been hoarding Bells and want to spend piles of them on a specific set, you’ll have to keep an eye on what’s available.

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What’s inside a Fortune Cookie?

Lots of things! You can check each Fortune Cookie before purchasing it to see what kinds of furniture and clothing are inside, as well as the rarity of them. Rotating special sets of Fortune Cookies will have limited-time sets of furniture in them that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, and that will go away at a later time as new Fortune Cookies replace them in the store.

In addition, cheaper clothing and furniture cookies will appear in the store for 500 Bells apiece at different times. These cheap cookies can include a much wider variety of items that can be acquired or crafted elsewhere, so they aren’t as special. But it’s still nice to get a treat once in awhile, right?

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What are Stamp Cards?

Every time you purchase a Fortune Cookie of any kind, you get a stamp on a stamp card Tommy gives you when you first reach his cookie kiosk. Full cards can be traded for individual furniture rewards, allowing you to target specific furniture pieces you don’t have yet and complete a collection.

Essentially, if you’re after a coveted item and keep getting duplicates, don’t fret. Buy enough cookies, and you’ll be able to get the specific piece you want.

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Should I spend real money on Fortune Cookies?

Well, that’s up to you. $3.99 will get you two Fortune Cookies in Pocket Camp, but that can add up really darn quick. Leaf Tickets and Bells come easily enough in this game and there are few enough other meaningful uses for them that you can afford to spend.

Avoid using Leaf Tickets to speed up builds, and consider Fortune Cookies to be investments in furniture the same way you’d think of them if you were buying a specific piece from the store. They can take time if you want a specific piece or an entire set, but if you’re playing regularly, this won’t be a problem. Plan out which sets you want, save up your points, and don’t be afraid to dump extra furniture off with Gulliver for other rewards if you keep getting duplicates.

Good fortune, campers!

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