Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – All the Faces and Hairstyles for Girls


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp lets you design your own Campsite, decorate your RV, and dress as wildly as you want. With all these external customization options, it makes sense that you can also change your hairstyle, hair and eye color, and even facial features whenever you please. If you’re trying to find the character customization options in-game, check out our How to Edit Your Appearance guide.

Below we’ve provided a gallery of all the currently available hair and face styles for female characters. Although you can change your appearance in Pocket Camp at any time and without spending any Bells, you cannot change your gender. The hairstyles and faces are gender-specific, so you may want to choose your character at the beginning of the game based on the type of hair and eyes you prefer. Hair color, eye color, and clothing options are the same across genders.


There are 16 different hairstyles available to choose from. We’ve provided a front and side view for each below.


There are 12 face styles, although the nose and mouth is the same for each. Only the eyes and cheeks (rosy or not) change.

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