Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: All the Faces and Hairstyles for Boys


Changing your clothes is all well and good in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp — and we can certainly help you with how to do that — but sometimes you need to do more than just hope that the clothes make the man or woman. Sometimes you’ve got to go for broke and go for a new hairstyle or face.

Fortunately, you don’t need to visit an Animal Crossing barber (though since they have mechanics to work on your RV, we figure there must be hair stylists somewhere) or any kind of creepy plastic surgeon to pull that off. Just tap ‘More’ then ‘Settings’ then ‘Edit Character’ and you’ll be able to make your character look as different as you please.

Even so, the last thing we want is for you to be paralyzed by the amount of choices you have, so we figured we’d present all the different options you have for boys. We’ve also done the same thing for girls, so no favoritism here.


For starters, here’s a look at the 16 hairstyles available for boys, complete with a front and side view for each one.


Just like there are for girls, boy characters in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp get 12 different face choices. It’s primarily just the eye shape, lashes and eyebrows that vary from face to face, though you can also give your male character rosy cheeks with some of them.

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