Angry Birds Stella: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Angry Birds Stella is a physics game from Rovio. In this game, you meet a new flock of Angry Birds and propel them against platoons of evil green pigs. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you make bacon out of your foes.


  • Plan your strategy according to the birds you’re given – Most stages of Angry Birds Stella supplies you with a variety of birds. Think about how each bird attacks (and the order they attack in) when planning your war strategy. For instance, Willow may be able to bring down large towers, which in turn clears a path for the comparatively weak Luca to break glass barriers.
  • More stars means more birds – The more stars you earn, the more birds you unlock for each level. Definitely something to keep in mind if you’re having trouble with a level that supplies you with just two or three birds by default.
  • Use your hammer often – Every time you beat up a pig, your hammer icon fills up a bit. When it’s full, you can use it to knock a pig (or a structure) into oblivion. Use the hammer freely – though, if you’re close to a Wall of Pigs level, it’s not a bad idea to save the extra hit for the fight.
  • Luca’s shriek can break glass, but is muffled by wood and stopped by concrete – Luca’s shriek cuts through glass, even panes of glass that are stacked on top of each other or spaced apart. However, wood dampens the scream’s power, and concrete stops it cold.


  • Learn how to control Willow’s spin – Willow’s spin is extremely powerful, but it can be hard to steer and control. Learning how to get the most out of the move is absolutely necessary for three-starring levels, so feel free to play Willow’s introductory levels over and over until you get a hang for controlling her.
  • Destroy everything – The more objects you destroy in a stage, the better your score. Bring down the house.
  • Complete a stage using as few birds as possible to get more stars – You earn 10,000 points for each unused bird, so if you’re serious about collecting stars, learn how to complete a stage while using as few birds as possible. In many cases, having several leftover birds is the only way to get all the stars in a stage.
  • Use the photo album to change your birds’ looks – As you earn stars, you unlock photos for the birds’ scrapbook. Selecting certain photos will change their look and standstill animations. Their abilities remain the same, though.


  • Learn to differentiate between solid objects and the background – Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the foreground from the background in Angry Birds Stella, but it’s vital to learn the difference. One way to test is by determining whether or not Stella can ricochet off the object in question.
  • Look for (and aim for) explosive objects – Bombs and explosive creates can really rip up a pig’s shelter, especially when it’s situated near the base of the structure. Always try to aim for explosives, especially in levels with lots of wood and concrete.
  • Aim for the bases of structures, but avoid burying the pigs – Tearing down the foundation of a structure usually causes the whole thing to topple. It’s a good strategy for taking out several pigs at once. However, make sure the rubble doesn’t merely fall over and lie flat on top of the piggy. Instead of hurting them, you’ll wind up building a fallout shelter that keeps them safe from additional harm.

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