Angry Birds Stella POP! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Angry Birds Stella POP! is a bubble-popping game from Rovio. In this game, Stella and her friends shoot bubbles at the top of the screen in order to make matches and drop any obnoxious pigs that get in the way. Gamezebo’s Angry Birds Stella POP! Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you make bacon of your adversaries.

angry birds stella pop tips cheats strategies

  • Make matches, attract bees – Making matches in Angry Birds Stella Pop brings bees to your yard. Bees provide additional points when bubbles, debris, and pigs bounce off them while falling to the bottom of the screen. Bees are a good way to rack up extra points and help you three-star a level, so they’re good to have around. However, if you miss making a match, one bee will fly away from your garden.
  • Tap the slingshot to change out bubbles – Sometimes the color of the bubble loaded in your slingshot isn’t the color you need. Tap the slingshot to exchange the active piece with the next one in the queue.
  • Work towards streaks whenever possible in order to charge up special moves – Special moves will make or break you in Angry Birds Stella Pop. Each bird has a unique skill, and every single one is vital to successfully clearing stages. You should therefore make matches and rack up the streaks needed to power-up these moves. Once you’re charged up, you can use your special shot to focus on the level’s goal.
  • Use “useless” bubbles to break away wood and other objects – If you’re stuck with a bubble that won’t do you any good (and the next bubble in the queue isn’t much good either), use it to break away debris like wood planks.

angry birds stella pop tips cheats strategies

  • Learn how to bank shots – Learning how to bank shots off the walls is vital to your success in Angry Birds Stella Pop. Master the art!
  • Clear away bottom debris and bubbles – Most levels are multi-screened, but they won’t scroll upwards as long as lower bubbles and debris remain. Get rid of them.
  • But aim to “drop from the top” whenever you can, especially in “free the critter” levels – That said, observe how pigs, critters, etc, are positioned. If they’re being held in place by a single stalk of same-colored bubbles, you obviously want to break that chain. Look before you move, though. Pigs and critters will hang in there if even a single bubble holds them aloft.
  • One bubble can bash two pieces of debris – When clearing away wood, bash two adjacent pieces with a single bubble by aiming in between them. It should save you some moves.

angry birds stella pop tips cheats strategies

  • When faced with a stack of debris, try to aim for the upper bits – When it comes to wood and debris, gravity is on your side. Try to aim for upper planks in order to drop the lower ones. You can efficiently clear the junk this way, plus dropping a ton of wood in one move is good for your overall score.
  • Watch the line – When planning shots, trust the white line. Though a tight shot may seem possible, it won’t clear unless the guiding line indicates it’s so.

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