Angry Birds Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Angry Birds Match is Rovio’s newest match-3 game featuring their most adorable characters, The Hatchlings. The goal of the game is to complete match-3 puzzles to unlock each of The Hatchlings so they can join your parties and bring you joy through their cherubic cuteness. If you want to bust through those piggies and collect as many bouncing baby birds as possible, here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks, and strategies.

Dress For Success

As you unlock new Hatchlings, you’ll get one free accessory. Additional accessories will cost you gold coins, but you’ll also get a coin bonus the more accessories you have. Rather than buying new accessories with each new Hatchling, buy out all of the accessories for the lowest tiered birds, working your way up. Though it might not be as fun having 3 pairs of sunglasses for Jim or 3 little hair flowers for Zoe, you’ll earn your coin bonus by investing less money at the outset.

Angry Birds Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Avoid Events

If your goal is to keep leveling up and collecting more birds, then you’ll want to avoid events. Events are time-limited challenges where you’ll need to complete a certain number of puzzles to open a premium chest, holding within it some really awesome outfit. However, as you make your way through those event levels, you won’t earn level points toward whichever Hatchling you’re working on and you’ll be wasting bonuses and lives because they are far more difficult than the standard levels. Similarly, unless you’re really excited about outfits (which some people may be), save your gems for extra moves if you can’t clear a level.

Angry Birds Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Maximize Multiple Bird Power

When you have two or more birds on your board at once, try to place them in each other’s path before releasing them. Birds released while intersecting with others will cover more rows in multiple directions, relative to their regular path. For example, if Chuck’s path intersects with Red, Red who would normally only clear in one direction, will actually clear the entire row. Test out which bird will trigger the most waterfall effects by nudging the starter bird in the direction you want them to go without letting go (if you let go, they’ll take off). The order in which you trigger the birds can make the difference between a few rows or an entire board.

Don’t Chase The Pigs

If you have a level where you need to oust some pigs and clear up mud or glue, focus first on the environmental challenge, especially if the pigs change positions every time you move. Because these environmental hazards cover so much real estate, clearing the mud or glue will require a lot of your attention. The pigs will inevitably end up in the way of some of that clearing, so don’t waste your moves on targeting them alone. Conversely, if your goal is specifically to get the piggies, then don’t focus on clearing environmental obstacles like blocks or bricks unless they are actually in your way.

Extra Tips

  • Save boosters until you absolutely must deploy them. Each consecutive level is only going to get harder so you’ll need all the help you can get.
  • You are allotted a certain number of moves in each level and you’ll earn a coin for every move you don’t use. The faster you finish, the more you’ll earn.
  • Watch the bonus crate timers so you can collect your surprise as soon as it’s available and start the timer again.
  • Connecting to Facebook with sync your progress between devices and earn you some free gems.

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