Angry Birds Epic: Tips & Strategies

Angry Birds Epic is an action / role-playing game from Rovio. In this game, the famous Angry Birds strike out on a pig-slaying adventure armed with swords and spells. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you reclaim the birds’ purloined ova.

Gameplay Tips


  • Hold onto images of items, characters, and enemies to access their information – You can get information about weapons, armors, characters, enemies, just about anything by tapping and holding onto the relevant image. Do so to access vital stats and info about enemies’ attacks.
  • Don’t neglect your birds’ secondary abilities – Each bird has a regular attack, as well as a secondary one. Again, tap and hold their portrait for more information. Secondary abilities are usually necessary for buffing ally stats or debuffing enemy stats, so use them freely.
  • Helmets change abilities – Research helmets before putting one on your bird. Helmets change up birds’ primary attacks as well as their secondary ones.
  • Weapons strengthen attacks – Helmets bestow skills on your birds, whereas weapons let those skills do more damage.
  • Chuck’s attacks are great for enemy groups – but use him carefully when up against a single strong enemy – For his primary attack, Chuck (the Yellow Bird) typically slings spells that damage a group of enemies at one time. This is great for groups of smaller foes, but not very useful when up against a single strong bad guy. In these cases, it’s better to use Chuck’s secondary abilities.


  • Component materials are usually abundant in similar terrain – The materials necessary for alchemy and item-building can usually be found where you’d pretty much expect them. Cobalt is in the Cobalt Hills, and seashells and water can be found near the ocean.
  • Be prepared to grind for component materials – It takes a lot of materials to make stuff in Angry Birds Epic. Steel yourself for some grinding. It’s a good opportunity to earn experience, too.
  • Tap the egg in the lower right-hand side of the screen to access character information at any time outside battle – Any time you’re on the map screen, you can access your anvil, alchemy cauldron, and birds’ information by tapping on the egg icon in the lower right-hand side of the screen.
  • Fight quickly and wisely to gain as many stars as possible after battle – The less damage you take in battle, and the more quickly you dispose of your enemies, the more stars you grab at the end of a battle.
  • The more stars you earn, the more loot you get – The more stars you have when a battle concludes, the greater chance you have to grab treasure and component materials.


  • When Matilda’s attack is buffed, so are her attack-related healing abilities – In instances where Matilda (the White Bird) gains health whenever she attacks, strengthening her attack power also increases the amount of hit points she restores.
  • You can swap out birds before battle on the battle info screen – Only three birds are allowed in battle at one time. You can swap birds out right before battle at the bottom of the info screen that pops up whenever you engage the enemy.
  • Use secondary attacks cleverly – Using secondary attacks wisely can be the difference between living and becoming a pig’s entrée. For example, when he has certain hats equipped, Chuck can order one of the party members to make another attack. If he orders Matilda to attack twice, and if Matilda is capable of healing the party with each of her attacks, that’s two opportunities to restore health to the party instead of one.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the battle difficulty meter – The battle difficulty meter that pops up before you engage the enemy can be dicey. If the arrow is trembling in the red zone, you probably want to gain some more experience and / or better equipment before fighting, but not all fights are as difficult as the meter insists. On the flip side, don’t lower your guard just because the meter is in the green zone. Even early enemies appear to level up and become hardier as the birds get stronger.

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