Angry Birds Action! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Angry Birds Action! is Rovio’s latest Angry Birds inspired title. This time round, it’s a kind of pinball/billiards mash-up rather than the usual Angry Birds way of doing things. There’s a certain amount of luck involved here, but skill will definitely help you out.

Gamezebo’s Angry Birds Action! tips, cheats and strategies will help you gain the edge while flinging your beloved birds around.

Know your birds


  • Each bird is different. While Red the red bird is a good all-rounder, you want to save the black bomb bird for a special occasion – i.e. when you need to blow stuff up. Similarly, the yellow bird is great for dashing around at speed, but he’s pretty weak at knocking stuff down.
  • Pick your bird carefully. You can’t switch to a different one until you run out of tries. Some levels are easy if you choose the right order of birds, but near impossible if you do it wrong.
  • Sometimes, you might even need to sacrifice one type of bird, just to open things up for the others, and make their route to success more effective. Every new turn begins with new random obstacles, but sometimes, it’s worth taking that hit in the long run.
  • Remember – ice only takes one hit to destroy, while wood takes a couple, and stone takes a whopping three hits. It can be tough going.

It’s not always in your favor

Each level starts with a spin of a wheel which dictates what kind of obstacles you get. Sometimes you’ll get nothing, other times you’ll get the worst thing possible. Cut your losses. Accept that sometimes the game’s just going to hate you. Is it fair? Not entirely, but that’s the way of the wheel.

Use those power-ups wisely


  • Angry Birds Action! is pretty generous with power-ups. Each star you gain in a level you can unlock a bonus, which is typically a power-up. You can only use one at a time, such as an explosive one, or a freeze bomb, but they’re useful stuff. The ghost one is my favorite, allowing you to glide through obstacles.
  • Try to resist using them every time though. Give each level a couple of shots first, then if the going is too tough, retreat to an appropriate power-up to clear the way. When the wheel is against you? Don’t even bother.

Reuse your birds

Sometimes a stage will feel too big for the limited amount of tries you have. That means you need to use each try well. As a quick fix – bombs are great for bouncing you around a screen, potentially taking out some important things along the way.

  • The better plan, though? Aim for tight gaps. Get yourself stuck in a small area, and your bird will bounce around for ages, taking out plenty in its wake. This is especially useful when you’re trying to knock down a totem that takes multiple blows. Having to use a try for every knock is a waste of resources, and a recipe for failure, so aim to do it multiple times in one attempt.
  • On a similar note, you can reuse cannons and poles in the same way. In particular, poles are ideal for bouncing back and forth between if you get the timing just right. That’s how the experts manage to complete a level with very few number of tries.

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