Amazing Finds Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our strategy guide for Amazing Finds.


  • This game has 8 locations to visit, 2 secret locations and 8 additional locations that can be unlocked once you use your inventory items.
  • This is a timed game in which you will have approximately 20 minutes per scene, which is plenty of time, so not being able to turn off the timer should not interfere with completing the game.
  • Once you’ve unlocked one of the brain teasers in the game, you can continue to play it as much as you want. All you have to do is click on the page of the book that says "mini game" and you can play that game as much as you want.
  • You cannot move on to a new city until you’ve found all the objects on the list.
  • To turn the pages of the book back and forth all you have to do is click on the edges of a page.
  • At the end of each scene the man gives you clues as to what will unlock certain items. Pay attention to those clues because it’s telling you which inventory item you will need and where it goes.
  • If you click on the book and you see the words "not yet" at the end of it, it means that you have not unlocked that section.


  • There are 8 cities to visit and 1 rare object in each city. At the beginning of the game, they call it "rare objects." When you’re actually in an unlocked room, the rare objects will be listed as a "Griff Item"
  • At the beginning of the game you are told to look for special glowing items that are not on the list. Once you see and collect one of these items they will be added to your inventory.
  • The rare items are always stored inside of something else, when you first arrive at a scene, these items will be the last item on your list. When you click on the item without the inventory piece, someone will pop-up and give you hints on how to access that spot.
  • Once you’ve found that item, it will turn red on your list of items to find. It will stay red even if you leave that location and come back later. The item will disappear off your list once you’ve used the correct inventory item on it.


  • The magic coin will act as a hint and will show you where certain objects are located in a scene. The coin has limited power in the sense that it will not help you locate the items that go into inventory. They WILL help you find the special items, once you’ve unlocked their location.
  • The hints are unlimited and you can use them as often as you’d like, but they need time to recharge before you can use them again. When the coin is spinning it means that it is recharging. You can use the coin once it stops spinning. It only takes about 10 seconds for the coin to stop spinning, so you can use a hint quite often in this game.


  • In between each level there will be a mini game that must be completed or you will not be able to continue with the game.
  • The brain teasers can be played as often as you’d like once you completed the initial stage of it. To access any brain teaser, just open the page of the city that has the mini game. Click at the bottom of the page, where it says, "mini game" and you will be able to play with it as long as you like.
  • Once you’re done with the game, click on the "back" button to continue with another part of the game.


  • Inventory items are very important to find because they will help you unlock other scenes in the game, without them, the hidden scenes will not be unlocked.
  • Items that go into inventory will not be part of the list and you will not be able to use a hint to locate them.
  • When you click on one of these items, it will go straight into your inventory and will be stored there until you can use it in another location.
  • You will only be able to find an inventory item when you see an item sparkle in the scene but don’t confuse them with the items that sparkle when you click on a hint.
  • When you first enter a city, the first thing you should do is sit back and wait for an object to glow. That way you can catch the item early and you can continue looking for objects without having to worry about looking for things that sparkle.
  • If you make a mistake and place an inventory item in the wrong place, someone will pop-up and give you a hint of what needs to be used there instead.

SPOILER ALERT!!! This section contains the location of all the inventory items, the location of all the rare objects and the solutions for all the mini games. Please stop reading now if you don’t want the answers to these puzzles. Thanks!



  • Click on the crowbar that is in the middle of the scene, it’s a black crowbar on the red and white awning. The  crowbar will automatically go into inventory.
  • The man lets you know that if you give a snack to the parrot she will probably calm down.
  • At the end of the level, the man lets you know that you should revisit London once you can feed the parrot some something to eat.
  • Trunk-The parrot is sitting on the trunk, give the parrot the crackers and it will fly away leaving you to explore the contents of the trunk. (The crackers are in the Tokyo location).


  • Rare Object (Griff Item)-Titanic Pin cushion. Once you’re inside the trunk, the pin cushion is on the lower right corner of the trunk.


  • In this mini game you will have to read the clues out loud in order to beat the game. Reading the words out loud will help you decipher the scrambled British phrase or person.
  • You have to answer 4 correct questions in a row to unlock the next new city.
  • If you make one wrong guess, you will have to start from scratch. You have 30 seconds to make a guess, if you make a mistake, you will be given a new word to sound out.
  • Sound out the words and try to "see" what they sound like. I was making the mistake of trying to fill in a missing word until I realized that I needed to hear what the word sounded like when I said it out loud. Once I thought I recognized what the word should be, I would look for it in the list and enter my guess.
  • Here are some examples with their answers
  • Example 1: PRY AM MINI STARE
  • Example 2: HE LIES ADO SPITTLE
  • Example 4: POUR DOFF CRAWL
  • Answer: PORT OF CALL
  • Now that you completed the mini game you can choose to play it again, as many times as you’d like or you can move on to the next location.
  • To move on to the next location, click on the book that is in the lower right corner, which says "back." Once you’re back in the book, click on the lower right side of the page that’s on the right. You will now go to Tokyo.



  • Inventory Item-2 crackers, they look like Ritz crackers to those that are familiar with that product. They are in the lower left side, in front of a cup of pencils and some dolls.
  • Secret Location-View Master-Lower left side, inside of a white motorcycle helmet, the view master is all black. It looks like a pair of binoculars almost.
  • When you find this item you unlock a second location, which is  The Japanese Tea Garden.


  • When you click on the scooter’s trunk, the lady tells you that you need to find a key. Place the key on the scooter’s trunk and you’ll be able to search for the Griff item inside (The key is located in Morocco).
  • Rare Object-Machine Man, it’s a robot that was manufactured in Japan, you will find it in the top right side.


  • See if you can match the silhouette to the picture.
  • This is like a typical match game in which you have to mach 2 identical pictures, the twist is that you have to match one colored item with the silhouette of a blackened item.
  • Find the matching pair to eliminate them from the board. Click on the silhouette and then on the item that matches it.
  • Once you complete the mini game, a piece of paper will come out of the robot that will say congratulations.
  • There is no timer in this mini game.
  • You can continue to play the mini game again or you can just go to the next location which is Marrakech, Morocco.



  • Inventory Item: Key – The key is in the upper left side, on the palm tree leaf.
  • The basket is on the lower left side.
  • You have to give the snake the flute so it will slither away, giving you time to explore the contents of the basket. (The flute is located in San Francisco)


  • Rare Object-Star of Bengal. It’s a gem that was stolen from a collection  back in 1998. Once you’re inside the basket you will find the blue gem in the lower left side of the basket.


  • In this game you will be presented with several gems on the board, your goal is to find the 2 gems that are identical.
  • Each time you make a successful match the 2 gems will be cleared off the board. Click on one gem and then click on the matching one to eliminate them from the board.
  • There’s a counter at the end of the page, the counter lets you know how many gems you have to match in order to complete that round.
  • You will start off matching just 1 pair of gems on the board, all the way up to 5 gems per board.
  • There are no hints available for this game.



  • There is a flute in the lower left side, inside of a box.
  • Van Interior-Click on the side of the van, where the balloons are blocking it and the man will tell you that he has his rock memorabilia inside.
  • Place the safety pin on the balloons and it will pop all the balloons at once, allowing you to search the van. (The safety pin is located in Goa)


  • Rare Object-Electric Ape Poster it is located on the top right side of the interior of the van. It  is a purple and yellow album cover.


  • You must guess what the word is by looking at the "clue blob" The clue blob is the bubble that will show up with a picture stamped on it, that blob will tell you what the word is that you need to place in the box below.
  • You fill in the squares by clicking on the bubbles that have the letters stamped on them. Click those bubbles in the order that you want them to go into the box.
  • If you make a mistake and you need to take a letter off, click on the button that says "clear". Clicking on "clear" will remove the last letter, so if you need to remove more than one letter, you will have to keep clicking until you can get them all off.
  • Once you have the right word in the spots, click on the "enter" button and your selection will be submitted.
  • You have to guess 4 correct words in a row to complete the game. If you miss a word in between, you will have to start the process all over again.



  • Inventory Item: Safety Pin-The Safety Pin is located on the upper left side of the scene.
  • Give the banana to the monkey that is sitting on top of the trunk that is on the left side. Once the monkey gets the banana it will leave the trunk. (The banana is in Buenos Aires)


  • Once you’re inside the trunk, the Ming vase will be in the lower right side of the inside of the trunk. It’s a blue vase, with a hint of white.


  • This is a marble popping game, in which you need to shoot the marbles by aiming the Monkey King at the colored pearls that are coming through the dragon’s body.
  • Pay attention to the color of the ball that is coming out of the shooter, you want to aim that ball at the same color ball that’s in playing field. Once you’ve aimed your ball correctly, click it so you can shoot it in the right place.
  • There are a few power-ups in the game, I couldn’t see them all but here are the ones that I observed.
  • Flashing ball-When you see a flashing ball, it means that  if you make a match with it, it will give out a small explosion and will pop the balls surrounding it.
  • Arrow- If you see a ball with an arrow it means that if you make a match with it, the row of balls will go backwards, allowing you more time to complete the game.
  • Laser Beam-There was another power up that consisted of a laser beam that will go from your shooter to the balls in the playing field. The laser will help you pinpoint the exact location that the ball from your shooter will go to. I did not see what the icon for this power-up looked like.
  • If the balls reach the dragon’s head the game over start again
  • You have to defeat the game twice before you can exit that mini game.



  • Inventory Item: A banana is on the balcony that’s painted yellow, top left side.
  • Doll House – Place the crank on the dollhouse so you can open it. (You can find the crank in Paris)


  • Once you’re inside the dollhouse, the Blue Hawaiian stamp is located on the top right side of the wall. It blends in with the wallpaper.


  • First thing I did was rotate the pieces so that all the words were facing the right way.
  • Then I separated the pieces by edges and corners. If you have a mouse with a wheel in it, you can use the mouse to rotate the pieces. If you have a laptop, just use the sliding bar by the mouse pad.
  • You can also use the arrow keys to rotate the puzzle pieces.
  • Two pieces will lock in together no matter where they are on the board
  • What the stamp should look like is in the top left side of the scene, it’s a small picture so we provided you with a larger one.



  • Inventory Item: The crank, upper right corner of the store, under the sign for the store.
  • Place the oil can on the safe that is in the lower right side so that you can open it up.(The oil can be found in New York)


  • Rare Object-Triptych-It is a set of three pictures that depict a nativity scene. It is on the lower left side.


  • You have to find the differences in 4 different paintings.
  • You will be given one picture at a time to compare. In order to see the other ones you have to click on the magnifying glass icon that is located at the bottom of the page. You can use it to toggle between pages until you get all the differences marked.
  • You will not be able to exit the game until you’ve found all the differences. There are no hints available for this game and there is no timer, so you can take your time.
  • Here is the solution for all 4 pictures. They are not listed in any particular order.







  • Inventory Item: Oil can-The oil can is located on the top right side of the scene.
  • Put the crank on the drawer that is on the left side of the scene. it is the one that has the "Please Touch" sign on top of it.


  • Rare Object-Alice in Wonderland Book-Once you’re inside the drawer, click on the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland that is at the bottom of the drawer. It’s pretty much in the center of the scene, if you were looking at the whole scene.
  • Secret Location- If you click on the snowglobe that is in the top center of the scene, you open another location.


  • In this game you have to shoo the birds that come into the scene by aiming the crosshairs with your mouse. Once your crosshairs are in place, left click your mouse to shoo the birds away.
  • You have to be careful because the birds will attack the residents of the community.
  • You want to make sure that you do not click on the people.
  • You will have to start the level over if your meter gets fully red because of too much picking or if the people are pecked and taken away by the birds.
  • You can look at the number at the bottom of the page so you can see how many birds you’ve aimed at correctly. Once you reach 20, you will win the game.
  • Looking at the bottom of the page also shows you how many people have been taken away by the birds.


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