Amazing Battle Creatures Tips Cheats, and Strategies

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Amazing Battle Creatures is monster breeding / battling game from Glu Games. In this game, you hatch your very own stable of fantastic creatures and pit them against rivals to become the master of monster training. Gamezebo’s Amazing Battle Creatures Tips, Cheats and Strategies will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you claw your way to the top.

Amazing Battle Creatures Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Elemental strengths and weaknesses apply – Like most monster breeding / battling games, Amazing Battle Creatures adheres to a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” mechanic wherein on element is more powerful than another. Plant-types are strong against water-types, but weak against fire-types. Fire-types are strong against plant-types, but weak against water-types. There are other types to deal with, including robot-types, dragon-types, and void-types. If you’re ever confused about which types are strongest in a particular fight, pay attention to your monsters’ attack icons. If an elemental attack is more or less effective against a particular enemy, an arrow pointing up or down will let you know how effective (or ineffective) the attack is.
  • The icon representing each level gives you a hint as to what kind of monsters are within – Since elemental advantages are so important in Amazing Battle Creatures, make a point of paying attention to the ground icon that marks each level. It gives you an idea of what kind of creatures are within. Adjust your line-up accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to change your target before you strike – Your monsters will automatically attack the creature directly across from them. If you’re looking to finish off a monster that requires more than one hit, make sure to switch to it before attacking. Otherwise, you may have three monsters attacking you during their turn instead of just two.

Amazing Battle Creatures Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Start breeding stronger monsters ASAP – As soon as you have access to monster DNA, start breeding! It doesn’t cost anything; it only takes time (which can be shortened with the “Speed Up” power-up you sometimes earn through battle). You should be able to put some second-tier monsters in your line-up before the game gets very difficult.
  • Replay old missions for more sparks – Sparks are necessary for leveling-up your creatures, but it can be difficult to nab enough to keep your team in fighting shape. Try replaying old missions to grab more sparks.
  • Have a mix of elemental monsters on-hand – While the icon preceding each level indicates what kind of elemental monster you can expect to see most of, that doesn’t mean others aren’t present. It’s never a bad idea to have a bit of variety on your team.

Amazing Battle Creatures Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Use your sparks sparingly on first-tier monsters – You can use a handful of sparks on your first-tier monsters to unlock some useful moves, but don’t bother maxing them out. You can start breeding second-tier monsters quite early in the game, and the majority of your sparks should go to these powerhouses.
  • Play PvP for sparks – Playing PvP (tap the green bar at the bottom of your monster line-up screen) is a good way to earn sparks. The longer your winning streak, the more sparks you earn. Be careful: Your opponents get progressively harder as the streak endures.
  • Dispose of grass-types first when possible – Beware of plant-types! They often possess potent healing spells capable of restoring their teammates’ hit points. Dispose of them as soon as possible – a fire-type move will make short work of them.

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