Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb.


  • There are many ways to earn a lot of points in this game. You can get extra points by clicking several correct items quickly or you can finish a level without using any hints. If you don’t use any hints at the end of a level you will earn an additional 15,000 points. For every Scarab you find you will earn an additional 5,000 points for the first 20 and an additional 100,000 points for the last one (number 21). You will also receive an additional 150,000 points for unlocking the last tomb in the final chapter. You can also get time bonus points when you finish the level with time left on your clock. 
  • If you find many items quickly you will get a speed bonus for every item that you click. You have to do it within seconds of the last item you click or it will not count. Sometimes it’s best to wait and click until you have several items at once. The bonuses multiply for every chain you can make. For example, if you click on 4 items in a row, you will get 1,000 points extra for the first item and 3,000 points extra for the last one. 
  • You can also lose points quickly by performing certain actions. For every “hint” you use, you will lose 4,000 points and if you click randomly you will lose 1,000 points. I found that the game was pretty flexible about the random clicking, the only time you get penalized is if you click too many items back to back very quickly. 
  • There are 21 “Scarabs” to be found that are hidden throughout the game. The Scarabs will be found in a variety of sizes, colors and can be upside down, sideways etc. There will only be 1 Scarab per location, it might be a good idea for you to write them down as you go along so that if you’re missing one you will know where to look. Sometimes it may not even be a picture of an actual Scarab, it may just be the word itself spelled out. We have also provided a list at the end of the guide with all the locations of the Scarabs for people who might need help. 
  • All the hidden Scarabs should be visible by the time you reach your 9th mission. Once you find them, they will no longer be visible and you can stop looking for them. You can always look at the top left corner of the screen and see how many more you need to find. The game will automatically alert you once you found all of them. If you have not found them by your ninth mission keep looking in the places that you are missing until you’ve found them all. 
  • Once you collect all 21 Scarabs you will automatically unlock The Secret Game Mode, which you could play right away or wait until the end of the game. In the secret Game Mode you will also find a bonus Egyptian location. In The Secret Game mode you will be able to play all the locations at your will and find every single item that was placed there. 
  • Usually when the words that are written in capital letters it means that you have to look for the word written somewhere and not the actual item itself. 
  • There are several mini games in between finding all the hidden objects. There are memory games, jigsaw puzzles, tile swapping games and spotting the differences amongst 2 pictures. You have to play these games in between and there’s no way to bypass them. There will be times when it seems that they are asking for you to reconstruct the same picture over and over again. It seems like someone made a mistake and the puzzles keep repeating but they are just making you recreate the scene of your next location before you play there again. 
  • In the memory game you have to match tiles according to the instructions. You may need to find the matches by items of the same color, of what they have in common or by making identical matches. It’s very important to pay attention to the instructions that are on the left side of the screen at the beginning of every round. The instructions will tell you what to look for and it shows you an example as well. At times it will ask you to match related items, here are a few examples of that: lock and key/ baseball and mitt/ dog and bone/ bird and nest/ horse and horseshoe/ jug and goblet/ candle and candlestick/ stamp and letter. 
  • In the Find the Differences puzzle you have to compare the two pictures and spot what is different about them. I find the best way to spot the differences is to move your cursor over the scene slowly so you can focus one part at a time. When I try to look at the scene without the cursor the small details seem to escape me. You can use the hint button to help you locate items but it will cost you 4,000 points off your score. 
  • There are pictures that you must put back together by swapping tiles around. You can use the hint feature if you get stuck but it will cost 4,000 points every time you do so, so use it sparingly. When you swap the pieces around, you can sometimes see a shadowy film around the edges of the tiles. Those shadows will let you know which pieces go on the edge of the puzzle and in what direction they are facing. You can also piece the puzzles back together by looking at the background of where you are placing the tiles. As you are swapping pieces you can see small pieces of the puzzles in the background. 
  • When you are doing the jigsaw puzzles, you have to rotate the pieces around before they can fit in their appropriate location. If your piece is reasonably close to where it belongs, the piece will automatically lock into place. You cannot use the hint button in these rounds. When you are finished recreating a puzzle the image that you just finished reveals the next location you will be working on. 
  • In this game there are times when looking for an object that things are very clear, other times certain words can have more than one meaning or they give you a short riddle in order for you to find it. Here are some examples of instances like these. We are giving you the clue as written in the game first, followed by an assortment of answers. 

    6 spot = Domino with 6 dots on it

    Ring me = Bell

    5 points = Star

    “B” plus 5 = letter “G”

    Coffee shop = Cafe

    Take a break = Relax

    Cat toy = ball of yarn

    Shell = Seashell or an egg shell

    Hoof protectors = Horseshoe

    One foot = 12″

    Slugger’s tool = Baseball bat

    On and Off = light switch

    A bright star = The sun

    Whisk = Whisk broom or a metal whisk

    A returning toy = A boomerang

    A single note = A hundred dollar bill

    Fire breather = Dragon

    One foot = 12 inch ruler

    Hit on the head = Nail

    Camera = A regular camera or a surveillance camera

    Knight = A chess piece or an armored suit

    Queen or King = Playing card, portrait of a Queen or King or a chess piece

    Mask = Oxygen mask, carnival mask or African mask


    The Scarabs are always in the same locations; the only thing that may differ is the order in which they come up. I have listed the order in which they came up when I played the game and I’ve also listed the name of the scenes in which they were found. If the order of the rooms are not the same as yours it doesn’t matter, just look at the name of the location that is in parenthesis and you will find it that way.

    Following the location of the scarabs is the solution on how to unlock the tomb. We will have some screenshots for the location of the scarabs in each room. The scarab will be highlighted and will either have a yellow or red arrow pointing to its location. This should help you locate it on the picture right away.

    Mission 1 Level 1-(AIRPORT) Top left, on the airplane, next to where it says Spintop Airlines.

    Mission 1 Level 2-(GOLD MASK)On the left side of the Pharaoh’s face, by his ear, in between the blue and yellow line.

    Mission 2 Level 1-(HOTEL) On the left side of the window, at the top.


    Mission 2 Level 2-(CAVE PAINTING) Bottom left, on the man’s leg.

    Mission 2 Level 3-(MINE) It’s actually the word “Scarab” spelled out, top left side of the screen.


    Mission 3 Level 1-(ARCHAEOLOGIST TENT) On the left side of the window, painted on the wall hanging.


    Mission 3 Level 2-(STABLE) In the middle of the screen, in between the gold bars.

    Mission 3 Level 3-(SUNKEN TEMPLE) On the left side, towards the middle of the screen, on the blue and yellow fish.

    Mission 3 Level 4-(TENT) Top right side, on the ceiling, next to the razor blade.


    Mission 4 Level 1-(TREASURE CHEST) On the bottom left side, on the ground.

    Mission 4 Level 2-(CRYPT) Right side of the back wall, on the pillar.


    Mission 4 Level 3-(PYRAMID) In the middle of the wall, in between the elephant and the world map.Mission4Lvl3.jpg

    Mission 4 Level 4-(SALOON) In the middle of the back wall, above the liquor.

    Mission 4 Level 5-(OASIS) The word “Scarab” is carved on the top left side of the wall.


    Mission 5 Level 1-(MARKET) Lower left side, on the basket that is next to the cart with the oranges.


    Mission 5 Level 3-(SPHINX) Top part of the screen, closer to the middle, hanging from a light in the sky.

    Mission 6 Level 2-(BOAT DOCK) Bottom right side of the boat.

    Mission 6 Level 3-(SHIPWRECK) Close to the middle of the scene, on the side of the boat.


    Mission 6 Level 4-(EXCAVATION SITE) Top right side, etched on the back wall.


    Mission 7 Level 2-(COURTYARD) On the body of the big white jackal.

    Mission 9 level 3-(TEMPLE) Top right corner, on the pillar, etched closed to the sky.


    Once all the Scarabs are found the “Secret Game Mode” will be unlocked and you can play the bonus room. In the Secret Game Mode you can find every single item that can be found in all the locations.


  • You must first recreate the picture by placing the puzzle pieces in their correct location. I found it easiest to place the pieces that belonged to the large round piece, followed by the black center next and then the edges. 
  • Turn the wheel that is located at the bottom left side of the screen until the yellow bar goes all the way up to the sun. 
  • A secret compartment will open up underneath the wheel and it will contain a “match” inside of it. 
  • Take the match and it will automatically light up, click it onto the sun and then you will see the bar leading to the “ankh” symbol light up. Only half of the ankh symbol will light up. 
  • Place your mouse cursor over the ankh symbol and hold it so you can rotate the ankh to its upright position. 
  • Once you’ve rotated the ankh symbol correctly, the compartment that is on the bottom right corner will open to reveal the second half of the ankh, click on it to grab it. 
  • Place the half of the ankh symbol onto the other half that is in the top middle of the scene until it clicks into place. 
  • Make sure you place the other half of the ankh correctly, it has to be fully on there for it to work. You will know it’s correct when the “crescent moon” symbol that is on the top right side lights up. 
  • Once the crescent moon (top right side) is lit, grab it and right click on it to rotate its position. Click it until it matches the position of the other crescent moon symbol that is located at the bottom right of the screen. 
  • Once the crescent moon symbol is in its correct position, place it on the empty crescent moon shape that is located on the bottom right corner. That will unlock the next phase of the puzzle. 
  • Your goal here is to rotate the pieces inside the circle so that the shapes match the number of gems in each quarter. For example the top right quarter of the puzzle has 2 gems on it, so you want to place the triangles with the lobsters there since they have 2 claws. 
  • The bottom right quarter of the circle has 3 gems on its outer rim so you want to place the triangles there since they have 3 points or corners. 

    Read below for a solution to the last puzzle, or look at the screenshots to see what goes where. (Click on the picture to enlarge them.)

    mission%20puzzle%201.jpg mission%20puzzle%202.jpg mission%20puzzle%20final.jpg

  • The best way to explain this last puzzle is by dividing the circle in four quarters. Just click on the grey triangles and rotate them until they fall into the following positions: 
  • Top left quarter has 1 gem and is painted brown in its outer rim, place the 2 triangles that have the symbol of the “eyes” on there. 
  • Bottom left quarter has 4 gems and is painted grey in its outer rim, place the 2 grey triangles that have the symbol with the tiny “square” symbols on there. 
  • Top right quarter has 2 gems and is painted grey in its outer rim, place the 2 grey triangles that have the “lobster” symbols on there. 
  • Bottom right corner has 3 gems and is painted brown in its outer rim, place the 2 grey triangles that have the “triangle” symbols on there. 
  • After all the pieces are placed correctly the tomb will open and the game will end. At that point you can replay the game and you will get different items to find and the rooms will come up in a different order. 


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