Amateur Surgeon 4 Tips, Cheats and Strategies


You’ve decided you want to make your parents proud, roll up your sleeves, and become that most prestigious of things – an amateur surgeon. Well, hear at Gamezebo we support your choice. In fact we support it so much we’re here to help along every step of the way. Just don’t ask us for money.

Amateur Surgeon 4 is the latest in a long line of gory hack-’em’-ups from Adult Swim, and while it may seem simple at first, there are plenty of little tricks you can perform in order to make sure you’re always getting the best scores on your patients. And by best scores I mean not murdering them.

In this article we’re going to walk you through the basics of the game, explain some of the finer points of its various mechanics, and make sure that you’re all set to wow your mum and dad with your pizza slicer medical skills. You’re welcome.

The Basics


Keep it steady – This isn’t a game to play on public transport if you’re likely to get jostled. The last thing you want is a pot hole in the road spoiling your first incision and killing your patient.
Take it slow – There’s no need to rush through your moves. The time is ticking down, but you’ll fare a lot worse if your actions are sloppy than if you ensure that each slice is just right.
Learn the rhythm – Certain ailments are always cured in the same way, so get into the rhythm of them quickly. Remember – staple, lighter, balm. That’s probably the most important sequence of moves you’re going to use in the game.

Tips and Tricks


  • Slow and steady – When you’re burning or balming, you don’t need to scrub. Instead run your finger down the wound steadily and you’ll get the same result and be less likely to miss what you’re aiming for.
  • Fixing puncture wounds – Once you’ve removed a nail or bullet, you need to follow the same process for any other wound. It’ll take two staples, then a lighter, then a salve.
  • Getting rid of chips – Sometimes you’ll come across some control chips that need to be removed. You’ll want to burn them off. This will start a fire, which you’ll then need to get rid of with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Using your assistants – Some levels need you to have an assistant, so try not to use them when you don’t need them. It’s worth having a crack at a level without an assistant to see if you can do it solo before drafting them in.

Advanced Tactics


  • Pick a number – The green syringe you need to inject into patients when they start to die is on a cooldown. The best way to deal with this is to pick a number you don’t want the patient’s BPM to drop under and then only use it when they get close to it. Don’t think of it as a panic button, think of it as a way to keep them stable.
  • Seriously, slow and steady – The same goes for the syringe too. You’ll get better results if you slowly inject the serum rather than just whacking it all in in one speedy motion.
  • Scan when you’re stuck – If you think you should have finished a level and you haven’t, select the scanner and look for the green pulse. It means there’s still something stuck in there that you can’t see.
  • Upgrade when you can – Try and spend your money on upgrading the main tools in your arsenal, especially in the early stages. A better lighter in particular will really help out.

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