Alphabear Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Alphabear is a word game from Spry Fox. In this game, you spell words, collect bears, and operate within the confines of a countdown that turns your letter tiles into stone if you don’t work fast enough. Gamezebo’s Alphabear tips, cheats and strategies will help you use ’em before you lose ’em.

Choose the right bear for the job

Alphabear Tips Cheats and Strategies

As you play Alphabear, you’ll amass quite a collection of adorable teddy bears. Nabbing these critters is fun on its own, but they serve another purpose besides conquest: You can take up to three bears into a new game, and each one offers a bonus.

Therefore, the key to racking up a significant score in Alphabear lies partially in being able to put your bears to work for you. If a bear adds time to the clock, they’re obviously best-suited for timed stages. On the flipside, bears that cause certain letters to count down more slowly are good for the larger stages in which you’re allowed to take your time.

Finally, some bears cause certain letters to show up more. Don’t use more than one of these bears at a time, or else you may wind up with a board full of “Bs” and Ks” and no idea how to use them all.

If a red tile is near a corner or an edge, don’t fret about it too much

Alphabear Tips Cheats and Strategies

In Alphabear, unused tiles endure a countdown, and then turn to stone when that countdown reaches zero. Stone tiles can’t be used, which can be semi-disastrous if you’re trying to give your bears room to grow.

Ideally, you want to use up all your red tiles so that you never find yourself in this situation. Easier said than done, however. If you find yourself unable to use all the red tiles on a board, compromise by using the ones closest to the board’s center. A clutter-free center is more important than clear borders.

Use a mix of red / orange and green tiles for a decent score

Alphabear Tips Cheats and Strategies

Spelling with red and orange tiles keeps you safe, but it doesn’t do wonders for your score. The closer a tile is to expiration, the fewer points it brings you. Make sure to strike a balance by spelling with a mix of red, orange, and green tiles.

Aspire towards creating big, big bears

Alphabear Tips Cheats and Strategies

Little bears don’t add much to your score in Alphabear. Instead, think big — as big as possible. Size makes all the difference between an end game bonus of a piddly few hundred points, and a whopping few thousand. Grow giant bears by keeping your board clear of stone tiles, especially the center of the board.

Put bears together to rack up tons of points

Alphabear Tips Cheats and Strategies

When starting a stage, choose your bear friends carefully. For instance, time bonuses stack, so consider letting Jogger Bear and Ninja Bear work together. And if a bear brings in more points when you use select letters, pairing it with a bear who makes those letters appear more frequently isn’t a terrible idea, right?

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