Alphabear 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Going from its cute furry protagonists you might think Alphabear 2 looks like a game that’s for kids and no-one else. But you would be wrong.

It’s actually a devilishly devious word game that starts off easy but gets very tough indeed. Involving making words by picking out letters in a grid – that subsequently help increase the size of the bears within that grid – it’s much trickier to get through later stages than you might expect.

But worry not, your time with the game need not be unbearable. Here are our best tips to help make sure you get some truly unbearlievable (sic) high scores.

  • Beware the stones Watch out for letters having their value reduced to zero. They subsequently turn into stones. It may therefore be a better bet to make a short word using these letters to make sure they don’t turn into stones and blocking the growth of your bears.
  • Focus on bear growth Remember, the aim of the game is to create the largest bears possible. To do this you must use all the letters down the side of a bear. So although it might feel great to carve out a 7+ letter word, it may far worse for your score than a tactical 3 letter word.
  • The time’s the limit Some stages have a time limit, but many don’t. So don’t rush, take your time to choose the best possible move. It’s all too easy to rush and miss a move that could be the difference between a solid score and a sensational one.
  • Rush hour Those stages with a time limit require a bit of a faster mind though. The best strategy is to create words using letters in the centre of the grid – as this way if stones are created it’ll be on the edge of the grid, and are therefore less likely to halt bear growth.
  • Rush hour 2 The timed stages also feed on your fear, but you can beat that by bashing out loads of short letters. As long as you rack up a decent amount of words you’ll likely scrape through – even if the words don’t get much more complex than ‘cat,’ ‘sat’ and ‘mat.’

  • Pay attention to individual bear abilities The bears in Alphabear 2 are cute. Dangerously so. But they also have their own abilities, and choosing the right ones to fit your play style is essential. Some suit players who mainly make smaller 4-letter words, and others for those who love to put an ‘s’ on the end of words – we all know someone who loves doing the latter.
  • Get creative There are some odd words that are technically legal to use in Alphabear 2. Such as ‘eek.’ But there are a lot more words than you might expect that use just two letters. So if you’re near the end of a stage and need to get rid of some tiles just stick a consonant with a vowel and you might get lucky. It’s not an exact science by any means though.
  • Bear in the middle This was already touched upon, but you should always focus on the centre of the board when it comes to making words. Work from the centre out to help your bears grow big and strong.
  • Plural pleasure It’s a simple trick, but adding ‘s’ onto a word is always a winner. Or see if there’s an extended version of a word you can use. Such as changing ‘search’ to ‘searching.’ It’s a nice way to gain a few extra points.
  • Speeding word submission You don’t actually have to tap the tick button to submit a word. You can just touch the white area near to the tick. This can save valuable milliseconds.
  • Watch the bears Sometimes near the end of a stage when you’re low on letters the bears can speak out and give you tips on the words you can make. Keep an eye on the helpful blighters.

Utilise these tips for yourself by downloading Alphabear 2 on the App Store and Google Play.

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