Airport Mania: First Flight Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips & tricks for Airport Mania: First Flight. There are four levels of scoring in this time management game: Goal, Expert, Master and the ultimate achievement; Supreme. If you want to get a Supreme score in every level, then read on. GENERAL TIPS Once in a while you will a plane flying that has an icon next to it. Those planes are considered planes that have passengers with some sort of an emergency. You should land those planes ahead of anybody else, and you will recei…

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Check out our tips & tricks for Airport Mania: First Flight. There are four levels of scoring in this time management game: Goal, Expert, Master and the ultimate achievement; Supreme. If you want to get a Supreme score in every level, then read on.


  • Once in a while you will a plane flying that has an icon next to it. Those planes are considered planes that have passengers with some sort of an emergency. You should land those planes ahead of anybody else, and you will receive extra points when you do this.
  • You don’t have to wait for a plane to land before clicking on a gate. Try clicking on the runway, then on a gate to automatically route a plane there.
  • In order to keep your multipliers going and to avoid confusion, use one runway for landing planes and the other for take-offs.
  • If there are several planes that need repair, you can store the planes temporarily in the layover spaces. Start by choosing the least happy planes first and let the patient ones wait longer. Choose VIP layover spaces first over a regular layover space whenever possible.
  • You can tell how happy a plane is by the bars above its head. If their meter has 4 green bars then they are at their happiest.
  • If there are several planes in the air that are unhappy and all you have is the beverage upgrade, then land as many planes as possible and place them in either gates or layover spaces, then press the beverage icon. This will make all your planes on the ground happier at once, and you’ll avoid having unhappy planes flying around that will eventually cost you points.
  • Once in a while you will see and hear a helicopter flying around. As soon as you see it, click on it as many times in a row as you can. The helicopter will then drop bags of money onto the ground. The more times you click on it the more bags of money you will receive.
  • This is not really a tip but just a fun thing to do during the game. You can click on the blimps and the hot air balloons that are in the sky and they will start flying in the opposite direction. If you can keep them on the screen for the entire level, you’ll receive an award to display in the trophy room.
  • If you feel that you’re not going to get the score that you need then you can restart the level. Click on the "menu" icon on the top right corner, then click on "finish game" tab and then you can click on "Restart Level" and begin all over again.
  • The Long Range Radar will only appear after you’ve purchased the Short Range Radar. The Long Range Radar will be useful in the last few Airports so get it as soon as possible. You can buy them back to back if you have enough money but the only one that will appear will be the Long Range Radar.
  • The bars in front of the plane at a gate indicate its status (orange or unloading, or blue for loading). You can only click on a plane for take-off when then the bars are blue.
  • When the voice says "All Clear" it means that there will be no more planes coming in. You can also tell if there are no more planes coming in when the circle that is on the top left corner no longer has any orange rings around it.
  • If you take a plane to get painted and the machine will not come on, place it in the layover area for a second and then place it on the painting station again and it should work. The painting station may also need to recharge, so wait until the meter next to it rhas filled back up.
  • Add more gates as soon as possible. The more gates the more color combinations you can make at one time.
  • If you double click a gate after clicking on a plane, it will re-route the plane directly to that gate.
  • Pay attention to the differences in the color of the planes you don’t want to confuse them and mix up your color bonuses. If you’re not sure of a certain color, use the painting machine and change to a color that is obvious or to one that will get you the highest multiplier.
  • Once you’ve completed the game, the Paper Plane mode will be unlocked. Instead of playing with regular airplanes your planes will be paper instead.


  • Each plane has different attributes. Some planes take longer at the gate, others have more patience while in the air. As you progress through the game and the planes get larger you will notice that larger planes score more points than small ones.
  • It can be kind of hard to distinguish the different types of planes sometimes but if you look at the description when a new plane lands or is purchased, then you will have a better chance of distinguishing them.
  • You can also look in the trophy room where you can click on the gold images and a description of each plane will be available.


  • If you really want to keep things moving at a speedy rate, then you want to queue several actions in a row. There doesn’t seem to be a limit as to how any actions could be queued.
  • Right click or double click to cancel a plane’s queued actions.
  • You can queue a plane all the way to the gate. Click on any plane that is in the air, then click on the runway, then immediately after without breaking any actions click on the gate as well. Your plane will automatically perform all of those services in the order in which they were executed.
  • You can queue a plane to go into one gate even while another plane is still in it. Try clicking on the runway, then a free layover space, then the gate. Once the other plane leaves that gate, your plane will automatically go there.You can queue a plane to go someplace else even if they are not finished in the garage. After you get 3 red check marks on the clipboard by the garage you can click on a gate and the plane will automatically go there. The only time that the plane will not go is if it needs to go to the gas station instead.


There are 4 levels of scoring available in this game:

Goal – This is the minimum amount of money you need in order to pass any level. The amount is usually pretty low so it’s not that hard to achieve. You will not get any stars in the map when all you do is reach Goal.

Expert – The Expert Score can be as much as double your basic goal amount. You will receive 1 star on your map when you reach this level.

Master – The Master Score can be as much as 15,000 points more than the Expert Score. You will get 2 stars on the map when you reach this score.

Supreme – In order to get the Supreme score your score has to be significantly above your Master score. When you achieve this status you will get 3 stars on the map.

  • You can tell your level progress by the colored bar that is on the top right corner. If the bar is peach it means that you’ve reached Goal. If the bar is yellow it means that you’ve reached Expert. If it’s green then you’ve reached the Master score. Once it’s purple and starts flashing it means that you’ve reached the Supreme score.
  • There are many ways to score points in this game and there are things you can do that will also cost you points. If you leave a plane in the air for too long you will see red numbers besides a plane. Those red numbers indicate that the plane is angry and those points have been deducted from your score.
  • Early Bonus: You will receive an Early Bonus when a plane leaves the airport with its energy bar still green.


  • You will notice that each time you place the same colored plane on a gate that a small number will appear on the side of it. That number represents your score multiplier, or the amount of times you matched that color correctly on that gate.
  • The maximum amount that your score multiplier goes up to is 4 times.
  • While fuelling a plane, send another plane of the same color to the gate to increase multiplier.


  • Creating combos will help you reach the highest score level.
  • Have your large planes take off or land after the small ones to maximize your runway combo points.
  • There are 3 different types of combos, Runway, Landing and Take-Off combos.
  • The Runway Combo is achieved when you land 2 planes consecutively on the same runway.
  • The Landing Combo occurs when you land another plane on the runway before the green arrows disappear. This is a good way to also increase your score multiplier.You get a Take-Off Combo by making another plane take off from the runway before the green arrows disappear. Look the numbers on the runway to see how many times your score will increase.


  • Layover spaces will help you control the traffic flow at your airport while also keeping planes happier.
  • It is best to always place waiting planes in a layover space since they will be more patient waiting there than in any other place on the airport.


  • You can purchase upgrades at the end of each level.
  • Each time you start a new airport you will start from scratch again and have to buy new upgrades.
  • As you start each new airport, most of the upgrades from the previous airport will be available for purchase along with some new ones.
  • Some upgrades will not be available right away. Sometimes you have to do a few levels in an airport before they show up.
  • If you bought an Upgrade and then you decide that you’re not using it much, you can sell it and use that money for something else.
  • You don’t always have to buy upgrades each time they are presented to you. It is sometimes a good idea to save your money for the next round in order to purchase a better upgrade.
  • Score as much as possible; the higher your score the better upgrades you can afford at one time.

The following is a list of the upgrades that are available for each airport. Some upgrades will show up in the middle of a level or after certain ones have been purchased. We’ll also give brief descriptions of what upgrades are better to buy first in each airport.

1st Airport – Happy Valley Municipal Airport

  • Extra Gates will be available. Purchasing extra gates is a great way to keep your color matches going.
  • Extra layover spaces will give your plane a place to rest while they wait for something else to open up. It is always best to place a plane in an extra layover space since those spaces will keep your planes more patient than in if they were waiting anyplace else.
  • Improved Gates that will load and unload passengers faster so that you can push more planes through in a shorter period of time.
  • Painting Layover Spaces – This Upgrade is another great way to keep your color combos going. You can simply repaint your planes to the color that you need. It is recommended that you pick the color that has the highest score multiplier on it. Planes that are painted will also get a boost to their happiness meter.
  • In Flight Movies – This is a good upgrade to use when you have several airplanes in flight that are unhappy. Just click on the movie reel icon on top of the screen and all the flying planes will immediately get a happiness boost. The icon will not be available at all times; you will have to wait until it shows up to click on it.

2nd Airport – Rolling Green Municipal

  • Short Range Radar – With the Short Range Radar you will be alerted ahead of time the color of the next plane in the air. The color furthest to the left will be the color of the next plane coming in. The other colors that follow are the color of the planes that will follow after the initial one.

3rd Airport – Apple Valley Regional Airport

  • VIP Layover space – A plane picked up in a VIP layover space will feel happier than those in normal Layover Spaces.
  • Runway 3 – Add an extra runway so more planes can land and take off at once.
  • VIP Runway – It is easier to make take-off and landing combos in the VIP sections. Buy these as soon as possible.

4th Airport – Mountain Heights Regional Airport

  • Beverage Service – This upgrade is great because it makes all your planes that are on the ground happier. Try to use this upgrade when you have a lot of planes on ground so it can affect as many planes at one time as possible. As with the In Flight Movies, just click on the beverage icon on the top of the screen. The icon has to replenish itself after each use before it’s available again.
  • Anti Fog System – It will clear the runway of fog right away. I recommend that you buy this at the beginning. Having to wait for a runway to clear can be time consuming and your planes will start to lose patience.
  • This is the first time that there will be 4 terminals available. You don’t really need the 4Th terminal when you’ve purchased the fog machine. Try to stick to 2 or 3 terminals at a time.

5Th Airport – Golden Beach National Airport

  • No New Upgrades in this airport.
  • The first upgrade you should buy is the extra gate so you can make more money with color matches. There will be a lot of different colored planes arriving so the extra gate will help you make more color matches.
  • Also buy the fog machine early on in the game, if you have the money.

6Th Airport – Desert Flat International Airport

  • You will automatically be given a third runway in this level. You can add a fourth runway but it is not recommended.
  • You can now upgrade to an improved gas station. The improved gas station will make sure that your planes will spend less time refuelling at the gas station.
  • You can also upgrade to the Long Range Radar in this level. It will give you better details than the Short Range one. You will actually see the color of the planes as they approach your screen and can see how far away they are. When a color approaches the center that is the next plane you’ll see. It will also show if the plane will be coming from the left or right side.

7Th Airport – Great lake City International Airport

  • In this airport you will notice that the runway turns blue and starts to freeze. Planes cannot land or take off when the ground is frozen.
  • Peicer System – This machine will automatically clear the runway of ice. Buy it right away because you don’t want to waste time waiting for the runway to melt its own ice since it can be time consuming.
  • This is the first time that the Improved Repair Station will be available. Buy it as soon as you can so it will take less time to fix the airplanes.

8Th Airport – Windy City International Airport

  • In level 2 there will only be purple planes that will come in throughout the whole level, with the exception of one pink plane that will come in at the very end.
  • Designate the first 2 gates to the purple planes so you can up your score multiplier, without making too many planes wait. Place the one pink airplane on the third gate. Each score multiplier will only go to 4, so two gates is all you need for the purple ones.
  • Buy extra gates as soon as possible since every different color plane will appear in this airport.