Aion: Legions of War Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Glen Fox |


Aion: Legions of War is a brand new gacha RPG that takes place in the same universe as the smash hit PC MMORPG.

We’re very accustomed to that particular genre on mobile, which is absolutely flooded with RPGs that challenge you to collect hundreds of different heroes, equip them with gear, and level them up as you complete a heck of a lot of identikit quests.

It’s also a genre that largely plays itself. Sure, you could just not use the autoplay feature, but humans are lazy by nature, and will always reach for the button that makes the game easier. Besides, it’s often the best way to play, as AI reactions will always be sharper than ours.

So why would you need a guide for a game that’s very similar to a bunch of others you’ve already played and largely plays itself? Well, because it’s not actually all that like all of the others, and while it does play itself, there are a bunch of tactics you will need to learn to beat some of the tougher challenges.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help get you started on your new RPG adventure.

Aion: Legions of War Tips and Tricks

  • Pick the tactic that’s best for the battle ahead: Here’s where Aion excels over similar genre entries: in its tactics system. This lets you dictate how your characters will choose to fight in the upcoming battle. There are three options: All-Out Attack, Try to Survive, and Focus. Generally, they’re pretty straight forward, focusing on attacking, defending, and using skills in that order. We recommend using All-Out Attack during trash fights, Try to Survive during fights against the odds, and Focus against boss battles. Focus is generally our favourite, because it utilises the battle system in full.
  • Put together a balanced party: There’s no real secret to putting together a solid party, you just want to make sure to be balanced. Ideally, you want a melee damage dealer, a tank, a healer, and a ranged damage dealer. Depending on the situation, that leaves a slot for another healer, more damage, or a circumstantial option like a unit that has lots of interrupts. Generally, we opted for a second damage dealer.
  • Choose your most powerful heroes: This goes without saying but just pick your most powerful heroes to go in each slots. We still recommend opting for a balanced team – you won’t get very far without a healer or tank, for example – so don’t just pick your five best heroes. Instead, pick the five best heroes for their respective classes.
  • But don’t ignore elemental advantages: You might not realise this but each hero has a set element like water or fire. You’ll generally find that, for each battle, you’ll face opponents of particular element, so it can pay to take heroes with an elemental advantage – even if they’re weaker than another hero.
  • Then there’s your Counter Heroes: Tap on the tick box just to the right of an enemy’s card when you’re about to face them in battle, and you’ll see a list of ‘Counter Heroes’. These are heroes that are particularly handy to bring against that particular opponent, so we recommend bringing at least one of them if you’re struggling.
  • Don’t neglect side quests and activities: As you progress through the story, battles will start getting tougher, so it’s a good idea to prepare for that as early as possible. That’s as simple as getting involved in side quests and activities as soon as they arrive. For example, regularly check back and grab gold from your mine, complete dungeons whenever you’re powerful enough, and check the general shop to see if it has any items you need in stock.
  • Save your advancement items: Don’t waste your advancement items, like awakening stones, on heroes that you don’t need. These are in very short supply unless you’re willing to put some serious grind in, so you’ll want to save them up. We recommend just keeping them for now, until you’ve settled on a team you love.
  • Only perform gem summons when you can summon 10 at once: If you perform 10 gem summons at once, you’ll earn a bunch of bonus rewards that you don’t get from performing 10 individual gem summons. So we recommend holding onto your gems and only spending them when you’ve got enough for 10 summons.
  • Perform other summons whenever you can: However, you can safely use the other summon options as often as you’d like. There’s no bonus to saving your items, so just go summon crazy.
  • Grab your daily, roulette, and achievement rewards: It’s worth checking in every single day to grab your daily login rewards – even if you don’t actually end up playing. These are actually quite rewarding, so make sure not to neglect them. We recommend this in particular for free players, as rewards are tough to come by.

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