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Game Introduction – Agent Dash

Agent Dash is an endless runner game developed by Full Fat, wherein players are tasked with dodging obstacles and destroying enemy bases. Our quick start guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
  • Agent Dash is free to play. To download it, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.

Agent Dash

  • Once fired up, you’ll immediately be routed to the game’s main menu. You can start playing immediately by pressing the “Go!” button on the bottom right of the screen, but let’s talk about what else is on the menu.

Understanding the Menu

Agent Dash

  • Gadget HQ – When you tap on the “Gadget HQ” button on the bottom left of the screen, you’ll be routed to the in-game store. Here you can purchase various power-ups – or gadgets, as it were – for your character. All of these items cost gems, which you can purchase by…
  • Gems – To buy some gems, tap on the button on the top right of the screen featuring a gem. The more you buy, the cheaper the rate becomes.
  • Facebook – Dead center on the menu is the “Facebook” section. If you sync the game with your account, you can challenge your friends and see who’s performing the best.

Agent Dash

  • If you slide your finger to the left, you’ll be taken to a new set of menu items.
  • Stats – This is where you go to check up on how you’re currently doing in the game. You can view your single best run, as well as your current diamond and multiplier amounts.
  • Objectives – In the objectives section, you can view the game’s various missions. Much of these can be accomplished from performing well in the game, but others require things like upgrading all of your gadgets.
  • Settings – In the “Settings” section you can toggle the music and sound effects, as well as the control sensitivity. Furthermore, you can play the game’s tutorial and view the credits.
  • Game Center – On the bottom right is the “Game Center” button. When tapped, you’ll be taken to – believe it or not – Game Center. Here you can view your position amongst friends, as well as the overall high scores.
  • More Games – If you’d like to see other games from Full Fat, tap the “More Games” option on the bottom left.

How to Play

  • As mentioned earlier, tap the “Go!” button on the main menu to begin playing. Done? Prepare to hit the ground running.
  • Move left to right – Being a 3D endless runner, where your character is at on the track is extremely important. To move from left to right on the three planes, simply slide your finger in the appropriate direction.
  • Jump – Debris will often show up in the game. When it’s covering all three tracks, swipe up on your character at the right time to jump over it.

Agent Dash

  • Slide – Oftentimes things like glass panels will descend in front of you. To get by, swipe downward on your device. In response, your character will slide on the ground.

Agent Dash

  • Shoot – One of your main missions in the game is to destroy enemy bases. You’ll run through them naturally as you progress, and the game will inform you when it’s time to open fire on them. To do this, tap on the screen as quickly as you can.
  • Oftentimes the track will veer to the left or right. When that happens, make sure you’re on the correct plane. Your character will turn automatically.

Gadgets and items

Agent Dash

  • The main character in Agent Dash is a secret agent. As such, he has an arsenal of unique gadgets at his disposal. Well, kind of. You have to buy them with…
  • Gems – As I said before, you can purchase packs of gems from the game’s main menu. You can also buy them after finishing a round. Alternatively, you can amass them from just playing the game. They’re all over the playing field, so try and nab them whenever possible.
  • Now that we’ve talked about the currency a bit, let’s talk about what it can be used to purchase.
  • Jetpack – With the Jetpack, players can fly into the air for a finite amount of time. Like the rest of the game’s gadgets, it can be upgraded.
  • Magnet – When the Magnet is activated, it will attract gems for a brief period of time.
  • Super-Diamond – As you upgrade the Super-Diamond gadget, you’ll spot more and more rare jewels in the game that are worth 10 gems.
  • High-Value Gems – Upgrading the High-Value Gems gadget will increase the amount of red (x2) gems you spot from the Town section of the game onwards.

Agent Dash

  • Along with gadgets, there are single-use boost items. These can be purchased before each time you play.
  • Air Drop – With the Air Drop, you’ll immediately be dropped at the first villain’s base. Nifty!
  • Back-Up – If you slip up in the game and hit something, having the Back-Up activated will cause you to revive and carry on.
  • Slow-Mo – When you have the Slow-Mo boost in tow, you can slow things down in the game for a finite period.
  • Gem Rush – The Gem Rush boost will offer you x2 and x3 gems from the very start of the game.


Agent Dash

  • Stay in the center of the course whenever possible. That way, when it’s time to turn either left or right, it only takes a single swipe.
  • Gems are awesome, but don’t get yourself killed in pursuit of them. They’re often placed in areas where it’s a risk to grab them.
  • Hold off on purchasing anything right away. Spend some time with the game and, if you find you like it, spring for one of the slightly higher-priced gem packs. The higher you go, the better gem-per-dollar ratio you attain.


You have completed the guide for Agent Dash by Full Fat. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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