Agent Alice Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Agent Alice is a hidden object game from Wooga. In this game, you conduct searches of crowded crime scenes to find objects that help you solve murders. Gamezebo’s Agent Alice Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you crack the case.

agent alice tips cheats strategies

  • Tap items quickly to earn point multipliers – Points are everything in Agent Alice, and when you’re doing a hidden object scene, tapping items in quick succession is the only way to earn them in significant quantities. Don’t dawdle.
  • Earn stars by doing the same hidden object scene again and again – One way to make sure you earn as many points as possible during a hidden object scene is to return to the same scene several times in a row. That way, you can memorize the location of items, particularly hard-to-spot items, and find them more quickly.
  • However, make sure to spend some time on scenes that only have one or two stars – But while repeat visits are important, make sure to return to scenes that have one or two stars. Every time you earn a star on a level, the points necessary to earn another one goes up considerably. By contrast, levels with low-star counts have much lower point requirements.

agent alice tips cheats strategies

  • New objects may pop up when you repeat a hidden object scene – It’s not uncommon for new objects to be added to a hidden object scene, making things a bit more cluttered. However, items never change position.
  • Don’t use hints on your first pass through a level – It’s OK to take some time to get familiar with a level when you first visit it. Moreover, the first time you visit a level is when you’ll see it at its least cluttered. There’s no point in wasting one of your precious hints until the scene fills up on subsequent visits.
  • Save hints for when you’re on a roll – Know the position of every single item except for that single newcomer that has you stumped? That’s a perfect time to use a hint to keep your point total rolling.

agent alice tips cheats strategies

  • Sometimes an “object” is actually an etching – The term “hidden object game” can be misleading. Sometimes the object you’re looking for is actually a hard-to-spot etching or drawing. Just be aware that when you’re searching for a bird or a sun, you’re not always looking for the real thing.
  • Solve mini-game puzzles to earn energy – Mini-games crop up occasionally in Agent Alice. Solving them as quickly as possible earns you energy. Don’t get overwhelmed – most of the puzzles are quite easy. Keep your cool and proceed speedily.
  • Waiting for a new event to open up? Do hidden object scenes and collect stars – Sometimes, new story events take a lot of time to open up. While you’re waiting, do hidden object scenes to earn stars. That way you’ll have the stars necessary to progress, and leftover waiting time can go towards restoring your energy as well.

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